flower power

Monday, 31 March 2014

Aloha! So lately, I've been a bit obsessed with floral prints. It's my go-to when I'm shopping lately, I see something floral, I must try it on or buy it immediately.

There's just something so pretty and girly about flowers that I'm just loving loads at the moment.

Flower crown: Icing's | Floral iPhone case: Etsy 

I went shopping not too long ago and picked up the following items that I wanted to share with you. The following will most likely be featured on this blog in the future.

 Ordered this online from Forever 21. Very cute!

Bought this from H&M. So gorgeous!

Ordered these from Forever 21, but in red floral. Super Comfy!

 This gorgeous, and so super comfy and soft dress came from Forever 21 and I absolutely love it.

What fashion trends have you been loving lately? Let me know in the comments!

Have a happy Monday!

end of the week roundup.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Greetings from my Mac! It's been quite the adjustment, and I'm surprised how much I miss certain things about my old laptop but they're things I can get over. Enough about that though, let's talk about things!

Here's three things I liked a whole lot this week:

The Teen Wolf Season 3 finale was on last Monday, and I really enjoyed. This show just keeps getting better and better, in my opinion. This season has been an emotional rollercoaster, and the finale tied up the nogitsune storyline. I, for one, am really happy that Stiles is no longer dying and is safe. I also rather enjoyed to see the connection between Stiles and Lydia, they were literally holding on to each other for the majority of the episode. We said goodbye to Aiden in this episode, which we knew the twins were leaving, but it was still sad to see one of them die. But he went out fighting the good fight. Lydia seeked comfort in Stiles' arms, which was a nice way to display how close they continue to get.

Now just have to wait for June 23 for Season 4! (I'm already dying for more)

Puck and Quinn had a duet on Glee, it's not a big thing..except it is! 


As displayed last week, I'm a big Puck/Quinn fan, and something we fans have always wanted since Season 1 was for these two to share a duet. 5 years later, and it finally happened. It was amazing, I cried. They sang 'Just Give Me a Reason' by Pink ft. Nate Russ. It was the perfect song for them, and they sang it beautifully. 

Quinn then accepted Puck's offer to be his girlfriend.
  • "I think I love you, Puck. And I know it's not going to be easy, what with me in New Haven and you, who knows where. But, I'd rather do hard with you than easy with somebody else."

Now they are together, and it was everything I ever wanted for them. It feels too good to be true! But it is true, and I could not be happier!!

I have been obsessed with this song for the last week! I can't even tell you the amount of times I've listened to it since it's been released, it's countless. If you don't know who the YouTube Boyband are, it consists of the following YouTubers;  Joe Sugg, Alfie Deyes, Marcus Butler, Jim Chapman, and Caspar Lee.

I just find it amazing that something that started off as a joke with Joe and Marcus turned into this amazing thing. These guys don't have any singing background, that I know of, and yet it's not horrible. I'm not saying they are the best singers in the world, Joe's really the only really good one, but they all just sound good together and it's all in good fun for a good cause. That good cause is here if you're feeling generous and want to donate.

My favourite part is at the 2:20 mark when Joe has his solo. I melt everytime, you guys! Also loved the Marky Butt-Butt comeback.

How I came across the British YouTube crew was really by accident. In December, around Christmas, I just started watching different make-up tutorials and stumbled upon one of Zoe's. After that I ended up watching all of Zoe's videos, which lead to Joe's videos, then Alfie's and so on. Pretty much what I've been doing with my free time for the last 3 months. As much as I love all of them, if I had to pick my favourite YouTuber, it would be Joe Sugg. What can't this guy do! He can sing, he's funny, does amazing impressions, he's very handsome, the list really does go on. 

Okay well, they are all very handsome and talented, so you guys should all go watch The YouTube Boyband video and subscribe to their channels.

Well that's all I have for this week. What did you love this week? Let me know in the comments below.

Have an amazing weekend!!

out with the old, in with the new.

Monday, 24 March 2014


My laptop history started in 2007. I have always wanted a Mac, but I was talked out of it and went with a PC instead. I had my first laptop for 3 and a half years (not the one pictured above). By 2010, it kept overheating and would randomly turn off when I was in the middle of something, very frustrating!

So in 2010 at Christmas, I asked my parents for a new laptop and they each paid for half. Yes, I have the best parents in the world. That's when I got my ASUS, and it's been an okay computer. Just the mouse pad is the one issue with this computer. But overall, it was better than my first laptop for the last three years so for that, it's been great. 

But this year I was itching to finally getting the Mac I always wanted. Now it's finally happened, and I couldn't be happier. Now all the products I own are Apple!

So it's a goodbye to ASUS.

Happy Monday!! Hope you guys are having a great start to your week. Me, I'll be enjoying the Teen Wolf Season 3b finale tonight with the two on my ASUS screensaver!


#ootd; trips to best buy and indigo

Sunday, 23 March 2014

I'm doing something very special today, something I've been wanting for years! I'm buying my Macbook Pro today!!! I'm so excited, I can hardly contain myself. I've been through two laptops already, and it's just time to get the one that I really want. May my old laptop rest in peace..well until I give it to my dad that is.

I'm also off to Indigo because it's in the same plaza, and I can't go there and not go into the bookstore. That would be just wrong! I plan to pick up The Maze Runner and Fangirl, and whatever else catches my eye.

My outfit today! I went with chunky pink sweater, layered over a sheer collared top. My favourite navy jeggings, and my new wedges that I absolutely adore.

sweater: H&M | collared top & shoes: Forever 21 | jeggings: garage co. 

Hope you guys are enjoying you're weekend so far!

end of the week roundup; tv edition

Friday, 21 March 2014

It's Friday!! Time to talk about things that went on this past week in television. And a movie, that was a continuation of a TV show.

If you haven't seen this week's Teen Wolf, and you're a fan, there's spoilers below so beware! But if you don't know by now, this blog posts spoilers. 

As you know a week ago today, I saw the Veronica Mars movie! I'm still not over it, it was epic!! I immediately downloaded it on iTunes. This is a movie I will watch over and over for the rest of my life. But, I won't get into it because you can read all about it, here.

I recently dug out my OC dvds, and having been having a rewatch session and it has been amazing!! I'm currently almost finished Season 3. This show was my favourite show in highschool, so to watch it now and get memories of watching it Thurs nights with Tasha has been really nice. Plus how amazing is Seth Cohen, and aren't Seth and Summer the perfect couple ;)

Here's where it gets sad. About a week and a half ago, I posted a Teen Wolf post and I predicted that Isaac would be the one dying in this episode. I was wrong, I was so very wrong!! (although, I just found out there will be another death in the finale on Monday). But I have said that out of all of them, it can't be a member of the core four! Again, wrong. We lost Allison, and it was one of the most heartbreaking things I've seen. Throughout the episode, I started to get really suspicious that it would be her. But when she got struck by one of the Oni's swords, I still gasped and sat in tears and shock. This was actually happening!

As sad as I am that we lost an amazing character, I give major props to the actors especially Crystal Reed. It was a really powerful scene. You can feel the heartbreak and devastation this has on the characters, specifically Scott (her first love), Isaac (her current love), Lydia (her best friend), and Chris (her dad). This changes things so much. No matter what happens, there will always be an Allison shaped hole on this show. The characters are forever changed. I just think that while I'm sad, it hasn't truly sunk in yet. I don't think it will until next week when she's not there. It will make real.

RIP Allison Argent, a true hero.

THIS HAPPENED!!! Okay if you didn't know me in the years of 2010-2012, then you don't know that I was obsessed with Glee, and these two were at the center of that obsession for me. Noah Puckerman (Puck) and Quinn Fabray. If you shipped these two, then you understand the uphill battle we went through. I even gave up on getting anything at all anymore. Then came the 100th episode of Glee.

Everyone returned to McKinley to say goodbye to the glee club. Quinn brought along her jerk of a pretentious boyfriend from Yale. Puck back from the Air Force, claiming the past is dead to him except for one thing, her. Throughout the episode, Puck mainly shows level of concern for Quinn who is trying to hide her past from Biff in fear of scaring him off. Puck then serenades Quinn with backup from the Glee club with 'Keep Holding On', a song the glee club sang for Quinn in Season 1 when everyone found out she was pregnant. Puck tells her that she needs to not be ashamed of her past, and that they all love her for who she is. I believe this is what inspired her to come clean to Biff, who doesn't take it well and proves that he's the wrong guy for her. You do not slut-shame Quinn Fabray and just walk away from it. Quinn didn't stand for it, and neither did Puck who beat up the dirty jerk and then sent him dumpster diving, a Noah Puckerman specialty. 

Now comes the scene of all scenes. Puck and Quinn are in the locker room looking a Finn's retired jersey, and Puck clarification that Finn forgave them for events from the past (if I get into the whole story, we'll be here all night). Quinn told him that he did, and that they saved him because Rachel is Finn's soulmate. Prompting Puck to ask Quinn who her soulmate because he knows who his is; her. She tries discredit herself, claiming she's terrible at having a relationship built on honesty. Then he lays it all out on the table for her. That he loves her, and out of all her relationships, he's the only one she's ever been truly honest with. He begs her to ask him to stay, and when she doesn't say anything he walks out. As he's walking down the halls of McKinely for what he thinks is one last time, we see over his shoulder a beautiful blonde running towards him. She catches up to him, they share an epic kiss and she gives in and asks him to "stay". Then they do the spinning hug, with her one leg popped up like a Princess, and they both look happier than we've ever seen them.

And that kids, was the epicness that happened on Thursday night at 8 on Fox. And there's going to be more this Tuesday, including a duet! Finally!!!

I really could go on and on about these two, and everything else I mentioned in this post. But it's time to wrap it up!

What was your favourite moments that happened this week? Let me know in the comments!

hair styling; the wand

Monday, 17 March 2014

I'm a person that when something works, you stick with it. This was me with my hair straighter. I knew how to curl my hair the way i liked it with my straighter, but it can be very frustrating that way. So I took to YouTube, and alot of my favourite YouTubers were using an actual curling iron (go figure!). With the logical choice in mind, I set out to the mall. I had my eye on a curling iron at Sephora, but I wanted a second opinion so I asked a sales lady. She referred me to the item you see above. I debated about it for a while because another thing you should know about me, when I have my sights set on something, I don't change my mind. But this sales lady broke my resolve and I trusted her. I'm so thankful I did!

I absolutely love this product!! Why I didn't get a wand earlier, I'll never know! It's just perfect and gives off the perfect curl that I like. I love messy, loose curls and this does that. It's also so much easier and faster than using your hair straighter. I'm now a wand advocate because this is amazing!



As for today's outfit, it's comfy cozy today! Just a nice black and white Aztec style throwover, white tank top, black leggings and UGG slippers.

throwover sweater: forever 21 | tank top: reitmans | leggings: suzy sheer | slippers: journey

What hair tools do you like to use? Let me know in the comments!

Veronica Mars movie; the word EPIC comes to mind.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

"I thought our story was epic. Spanning years, continents, lives ruined, bloodshed. Epic!" 

7 years in the making, we made it. We literally did, thanks to Kickstarter, we the fans funded this movie. That was/is amazing, and so inspiring to watch and be apart of. To see them get their asking price of 2 million in 1 day as opposed to the month they gave us. Then to see that it went up to close to 5 million goes to show how passionate and dedicated fans can be. We did it, marshmallows!

And it was well worth the wait! This movie was beyond perfect for me. It had everything you could want as a fan, but it was also so well done that you don't have to have seen the show to understand the movie. I liked that you could have newcomers see it, but also had little bits throughout the movie that was a nod to the fans of the show. Very well done, Rob Thomas!

Now's the part of this post where spoilers begin. I saw that with light warning because this blog will always contain spoilers when it comes to reviews. I see something, I want to talk about it as soon as possible!


I'm going to save Logan and Veronica for last because you know, best for last (my babies).

The plot: I really enjoyed the case that they were working on and how things got connected and came together. It was a nice throwback, and I felt so sentimental about the show and all the cases. It was really great to see Veronica step back into her old ways, her element. I loved watching her go from just checking up on Logan and her dad, to wanting to help, to just staying because she loved it and this is what makes her the happiest in life. Her true calling!

The Return of old characters: Getting to see everyone was amazing! It was a nice touch, and so well done by Rob getting that many to come back and write it in a way that makes sense. Personally loved the return of Leo, not that I was his biggest fan on the show. I did like him, but back then he was just another obstacle to my OTP. Now with my extreme love for New Girl, it was great to see him back. But all I saw was Schmidt, which I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing but I loved it all the same. I even liked Piz. I was happy to find out he and Veronica haven't been together for 9 years, that would have been ridiculous and unbelievable. I even felt kinda bad for him in the end, but it all worked out, and I do love me some Chris Lowell so I was very pleased. 

The return of Dick: He's still got it! He had me in stitches as always, and had some of the best and funniest lines. Now I don't know if I'm the only one, but I always secretly shipped Dick and Mac on the show. Especially in Season 3. So there was little moments in this movie that weren't significant, but to a shipper it was nice to see. I still secretly ship them, and believe that they will get together at some point. It's fiction, you can take it however you want when it's left up to interpretation like it was.

The return of Keith Mars: Who doesn't love the best TV dad in history! I was so happy to see him again, and I loved the reconnection of his relationship with his daughter. I really loved that he just wants what's best for Veronica. What he didn't realize though was that was being in Neptune with him, being a P.I. and being with Logan. Speaking of Logan, a stand out scene for me was the car crash. My heart was racing, and I loved that Logan saved him. It was really nice, and also relieving because that was stressful.

LOGAN AND VERONICA: Now I'll be honest, while I loved everything I just mentioned, this movie was all about these two for me! This was the Veronica Mars OTP for me, and when the show got cancelled, they were left in a very vague unknown state where you weren't sure if they ended up together. I mean, it was so obvious they were mean to be endgame, but it didn't get to be made clear at the end of the show. So here we are 7 years later about to get our answer. 

I'll be honest, the thought that they hadn't seen or spoke to each other for 9 years scared me a little. But after seeing the movie, I'm glad they had that time apart. When they see each other again for the first time, you can just see and even feel just how much they each are affected by the other. I loved how that was displayed throughout the whole movie. They really connect, trust and respect each other. I loved that Veronica always knew he didn't do it, and believed in him from the start. It was great to see them rely on one another again. Plus I mean, come on, the chemistry is and always has been undeniable. Kristen Bell and Jason Dohring both know their characters so well, and play off each other effortlessly and epically (is that a word? if it's not, it is now because they are epic, okay!)

The ending: I loved it. I'm happy that Veronica went back to what she loved, Mars Investigation, and Mac works there too!! That was nice. She's around her friends and dad all the time now, which feels right. What else feels right? Oh yes, Logan and Veronica are together now. Yes they have to spend 6 months apart since Logan is in the military now. But like Logan said, "What's 180 days to us? Our story is epic." 

This movie was everything I wanted the movie to be and more. It was perfect for a fan who has been waiting for this the last 7 years. I can't thank Rob Thomas enough for giving us these amazing character and stories. It was a fitting end, but of course it left me wanting more. But beggars can't be choosers, I'm just happy that we got this movie! It was epic.

What did you think of the movie? Let me know in the comments!

#OOTD - going to the movies

Friday, 14 March 2014

Tonight I'm going to see the Veronica Mars movie, so that's an event in itself! This movie is 7 years in the making, so it only felt right to dress up nice. 

I ordered my shirt from Antropologie. Another item that will be featured on Glee, worn by my favourite character, Quinn Fabray played by the lovely Dianna Agron. Paired that with a dark blue skinny jeans,  and brown skinny belt. Gold is by far my favourite colour to accessorize with. So today I went with my chunky chain gold necklace, solid gold rings and as always, my watch. I'm also wearing a gold leaf headband.

 headband (unseen): icing's | necklace/rings: H&M | watch: American Eagle

shirt: Anthropologie | belt: unknown | jeans: garage co. | boots: ALDO


spring break memories

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Seeing as it's currently "spring break" or as we call it here, March Break, I thought I would take a trip down memory lane back to when March break actually meant something to me. When all you do is work, the novelty of that week wears off and it just feels like every other week. But when I was in school, it was the best week ever!! Mainly because that meant we were Florida bound.

I have nothing but good memories of going to Florida with my dad, and company (which varied year to year). For the first couple years, we would stay in hotels. Which I don't know what is but I absolutely love staying in hotels! Is that weird? Anyways, the last few years we went, we would rent a house which was 10 times better than staying in a hotel. They were absolutely gorgeous houses, and best part was having your own private pool. 
This is what most of the houses looked like. (source)

This was what the pool area looked like. (source

Amazing right? Who wouldn't want to stay there for a week! I wish I had actually taken pictures because one of the houses we stayed in was so ideal and perfect that I still to this day wish it was my house.

No trip to Florida is complete without a trip to one of the many theme parks! I have been to almost all of them; Disney World (iconic), Sea World (first time I touched a sting ray, and first time I had to use the emergency exit on a roller coaster..long story), Animal Kingdom (least favourite), and Islands of Adventure (most favourite).

Then of course there was all the amazing shopping trips to lovely strip malls, then the late night Wal-Mart visits and even trips to the flea market.

I loved everything about taking trips to Florida. I miss going there, and I hope to someday go again. 

How about you guys? Any spring break traditions you once had or still have? Let me know in the comments!


teen wolf review; 3x22, De-void

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Something I plan to do on this blog is review some of the shows I watch. Currently my favourite show is Teen Wolf! Quick story of how I got into Teen Wolf. Basically my tumblr was constantly bombarded with this show when it was on, and the character of Stiles seemed hilarious to me plus he was cute. So I YouTubed some scenes, then thought I'd give it a go and see if I liked it or not. That lead to me watching the first 2 seasons in a day and a half, now I'm hooked and I recommend you do the same! Ok? Ok!

We are currently gearing towards the end of Season 3, which makes me so sad but good news is Season 4 premieres in July which is better than September so silver linings ;)

Now it's time to talk about episode 22; De-void. I don't think I need to issue a warning of spoilers ahead, since it's a review, what else am I suppose to talk about? So here we go.

With this show, every season seems more intense than the last. But 3b is tearing me apart week by week! Why? Because it took my favourite character and put him through so much pain that it's heartbreaking to watch because you, or at least I, feel his pain. 

So Stiles has been completely taken over by the nogitsune at this point, and basically the nogitsune is one dirty jerk. This week, he took the Oni flies and poisoned them to become his own personal slaves. This episode they fly into almost all the werewolves and possesses them all to cause chaos, pain and strife; things a nogitsune feeds on. Fun stuff! 

Hey look, it's Isaac! I want to talk about Isaac for a second because I fear that we might be losing him. There is a big spoiler that someone will die this season. I still flip-flop to this day on who it will be. But I'm starting to really think it might be him, which makes me really sad but not. Isaac hasn't really had much to do lately, other than be Allison's love interest. There's certain characters that I can't see ever getting killed off, and it just feels like out of all of them, he's the more expendable one. I'm sad because I really like Isaac, I always have. But I'm not as sad because this show can survive without him. Isaac's death would impact a lot of people as well, mainly Allison, Scott and maybe Derek, since Isaac is the last member of his pact. Of course, this is all my best guess and I'm usually wrong so we'll see. 

Now when it comes to endgame, I'm Scallison all the way. But when it's not my OTP, I can be flexible with other ships. Like these two!! I just find them so endearing, and lovely. They just had this instant connection, and it's been nice watching that connection grow. Kira is a new character this season that I absolutely adore, and she's badass so that is just an added bonus. In fact, all the ladies on this show is badass in their own ways which is really amazing. I've really enjoyed the addition of Kira, and this cute little relationship that's growing. 

Another thing I think Teen Wolf does really well is their take on love triangles where it's not really present, at all. Finally a show that's staple isn't all about the constant love triangles. 

Just look at these two! If this was any other teen show, they would be enemies because love triangle! But no, this episode they were allies, working together to defend themselves against their possessed friends. One of those friends being Isaac, the other factor of why there's no love triangle. 

Instead of going through dreaded triangles, Scott and Allison were mature about their break up. Leading Allison to form a connection to Isaac much like but not similar to Scott and Kira. Basically I love how Teen Wolf does things. Teen Wolf wins all the awards!

Now's the portion of the review where we get to the Stydia of it all. There hasn't been much Stydia lately due to Stiles being taken over by the nogitsune. But what I want to talk about is Lydia's connection to Stiles. I feel like Deaton's quote from the sacrifice in 3x11 fits these two the most; "..it needs to be someone who can pull you back, someone who that has a strong connection to you..a kind of emotional tether. Lydia, you go with Stiles." These last few episode with Stiles slipping away and the nogitsune taking over, we're starting to see how strong that connection is. That was really displayed when Stiles was sleepwalking in 3x18, and in his mind he was in the basement at the mental institution when he was actually in the woods. Following the voices in Lydia's head, she was also convinced he was in the basement. Now we have this episode, and she was following what she thought was her GPS but really it was all in her head, and it ended up leading her to Stiles/the nogitsune.

I really enjoyed that it was Scott and Lydia that went inside Stiles' head to try and draw him out of the nogitsune. Besides his dad, I feel like these two are the closest to him and would be the most effective. I especially loved that while they were in there, it was Lydia who was really guiding Scott on what to do; having to remind him of his werewolf strength and getting him signal a member of his pact (Stiles) with his howl, and it worked! I'm completely convinced that it's going to continue to be Lydia that's going to figure this all out and save Stiles once and for all.

Now the episode ended with Stiles and the nogitsune separating, so now there's two Stiles; our Stiles and the nogitsune. The saddest part was the nogitsune took Lydia, and the realization on Stiles' face broke my heart.

Last thing I want to talk about is how amazing Dylan O'Brien is! I always knew he was an amazing actor. But this season has really allowed him to expand his acting chops outside of the comic relief role. He just blows me away every week with his outstanding talent. It's been really exciting to watch this guy continually grow into the amazing actor he is, Teen Wolf being his first job, you can tell he's going places. I'm so proud to be a fan of him and his work.

Okay, that's all I have on the episode! Only 2 episodes left!! I can't wait to see what's going to happen next.

One quick note before I go; style icon as always is Lydia Martin. I absolutely loved her outfit last night, she was head-to-toe perfect! Loved her floral dress, perfect curls, and her beige suede wedges. So lovely!

So what did you guys think of the episode? Let me know in the comments!

The start of something new!

Monday, 10 March 2014

Welcome to my blog! Here we go..

This year I vowed to myself to do something different, to challenge myself and to really take steps forward to better my future and myself. When you spend years in what you feel is a repetitive cycle where nothing really changes or gets done, you realize life is just passing you by. This is the year I try to get it right, and I want to take you guys along with me because I can't do it alone. And thus begins this blog!

What you will find here is a whole lot of everything! Things I like are fashion, make-up, girly things as well as tv shows, books, movies, doing yoga, etc. These are all just a few of the many things I want to share with you!

So let's begin this new adventure. Enjoy!

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