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Friday, 21 March 2014

It's Friday!! Time to talk about things that went on this past week in television. And a movie, that was a continuation of a TV show.

If you haven't seen this week's Teen Wolf, and you're a fan, there's spoilers below so beware! But if you don't know by now, this blog posts spoilers. 

As you know a week ago today, I saw the Veronica Mars movie! I'm still not over it, it was epic!! I immediately downloaded it on iTunes. This is a movie I will watch over and over for the rest of my life. But, I won't get into it because you can read all about it, here.

I recently dug out my OC dvds, and having been having a rewatch session and it has been amazing!! I'm currently almost finished Season 3. This show was my favourite show in highschool, so to watch it now and get memories of watching it Thurs nights with Tasha has been really nice. Plus how amazing is Seth Cohen, and aren't Seth and Summer the perfect couple ;)

Here's where it gets sad. About a week and a half ago, I posted a Teen Wolf post and I predicted that Isaac would be the one dying in this episode. I was wrong, I was so very wrong!! (although, I just found out there will be another death in the finale on Monday). But I have said that out of all of them, it can't be a member of the core four! Again, wrong. We lost Allison, and it was one of the most heartbreaking things I've seen. Throughout the episode, I started to get really suspicious that it would be her. But when she got struck by one of the Oni's swords, I still gasped and sat in tears and shock. This was actually happening!

As sad as I am that we lost an amazing character, I give major props to the actors especially Crystal Reed. It was a really powerful scene. You can feel the heartbreak and devastation this has on the characters, specifically Scott (her first love), Isaac (her current love), Lydia (her best friend), and Chris (her dad). This changes things so much. No matter what happens, there will always be an Allison shaped hole on this show. The characters are forever changed. I just think that while I'm sad, it hasn't truly sunk in yet. I don't think it will until next week when she's not there. It will make real.

RIP Allison Argent, a true hero.

THIS HAPPENED!!! Okay if you didn't know me in the years of 2010-2012, then you don't know that I was obsessed with Glee, and these two were at the center of that obsession for me. Noah Puckerman (Puck) and Quinn Fabray. If you shipped these two, then you understand the uphill battle we went through. I even gave up on getting anything at all anymore. Then came the 100th episode of Glee.

Everyone returned to McKinley to say goodbye to the glee club. Quinn brought along her jerk of a pretentious boyfriend from Yale. Puck back from the Air Force, claiming the past is dead to him except for one thing, her. Throughout the episode, Puck mainly shows level of concern for Quinn who is trying to hide her past from Biff in fear of scaring him off. Puck then serenades Quinn with backup from the Glee club with 'Keep Holding On', a song the glee club sang for Quinn in Season 1 when everyone found out she was pregnant. Puck tells her that she needs to not be ashamed of her past, and that they all love her for who she is. I believe this is what inspired her to come clean to Biff, who doesn't take it well and proves that he's the wrong guy for her. You do not slut-shame Quinn Fabray and just walk away from it. Quinn didn't stand for it, and neither did Puck who beat up the dirty jerk and then sent him dumpster diving, a Noah Puckerman specialty. 

Now comes the scene of all scenes. Puck and Quinn are in the locker room looking a Finn's retired jersey, and Puck clarification that Finn forgave them for events from the past (if I get into the whole story, we'll be here all night). Quinn told him that he did, and that they saved him because Rachel is Finn's soulmate. Prompting Puck to ask Quinn who her soulmate because he knows who his is; her. She tries discredit herself, claiming she's terrible at having a relationship built on honesty. Then he lays it all out on the table for her. That he loves her, and out of all her relationships, he's the only one she's ever been truly honest with. He begs her to ask him to stay, and when she doesn't say anything he walks out. As he's walking down the halls of McKinely for what he thinks is one last time, we see over his shoulder a beautiful blonde running towards him. She catches up to him, they share an epic kiss and she gives in and asks him to "stay". Then they do the spinning hug, with her one leg popped up like a Princess, and they both look happier than we've ever seen them.

And that kids, was the epicness that happened on Thursday night at 8 on Fox. And there's going to be more this Tuesday, including a duet! Finally!!!

I really could go on and on about these two, and everything else I mentioned in this post. But it's time to wrap it up!

What was your favourite moments that happened this week? Let me know in the comments!

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