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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Seeing as it's currently "spring break" or as we call it here, March Break, I thought I would take a trip down memory lane back to when March break actually meant something to me. When all you do is work, the novelty of that week wears off and it just feels like every other week. But when I was in school, it was the best week ever!! Mainly because that meant we were Florida bound.

I have nothing but good memories of going to Florida with my dad, and company (which varied year to year). For the first couple years, we would stay in hotels. Which I don't know what is but I absolutely love staying in hotels! Is that weird? Anyways, the last few years we went, we would rent a house which was 10 times better than staying in a hotel. They were absolutely gorgeous houses, and best part was having your own private pool. 
This is what most of the houses looked like. (source)

This was what the pool area looked like. (source

Amazing right? Who wouldn't want to stay there for a week! I wish I had actually taken pictures because one of the houses we stayed in was so ideal and perfect that I still to this day wish it was my house.

No trip to Florida is complete without a trip to one of the many theme parks! I have been to almost all of them; Disney World (iconic), Sea World (first time I touched a sting ray, and first time I had to use the emergency exit on a roller coaster..long story), Animal Kingdom (least favourite), and Islands of Adventure (most favourite).

Then of course there was all the amazing shopping trips to lovely strip malls, then the late night Wal-Mart visits and even trips to the flea market.

I loved everything about taking trips to Florida. I miss going there, and I hope to someday go again. 

How about you guys? Any spring break traditions you once had or still have? Let me know in the comments!


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