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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Something I plan to do on this blog is review some of the shows I watch. Currently my favourite show is Teen Wolf! Quick story of how I got into Teen Wolf. Basically my tumblr was constantly bombarded with this show when it was on, and the character of Stiles seemed hilarious to me plus he was cute. So I YouTubed some scenes, then thought I'd give it a go and see if I liked it or not. That lead to me watching the first 2 seasons in a day and a half, now I'm hooked and I recommend you do the same! Ok? Ok!

We are currently gearing towards the end of Season 3, which makes me so sad but good news is Season 4 premieres in July which is better than September so silver linings ;)

Now it's time to talk about episode 22; De-void. I don't think I need to issue a warning of spoilers ahead, since it's a review, what else am I suppose to talk about? So here we go.

With this show, every season seems more intense than the last. But 3b is tearing me apart week by week! Why? Because it took my favourite character and put him through so much pain that it's heartbreaking to watch because you, or at least I, feel his pain. 

So Stiles has been completely taken over by the nogitsune at this point, and basically the nogitsune is one dirty jerk. This week, he took the Oni flies and poisoned them to become his own personal slaves. This episode they fly into almost all the werewolves and possesses them all to cause chaos, pain and strife; things a nogitsune feeds on. Fun stuff! 

Hey look, it's Isaac! I want to talk about Isaac for a second because I fear that we might be losing him. There is a big spoiler that someone will die this season. I still flip-flop to this day on who it will be. But I'm starting to really think it might be him, which makes me really sad but not. Isaac hasn't really had much to do lately, other than be Allison's love interest. There's certain characters that I can't see ever getting killed off, and it just feels like out of all of them, he's the more expendable one. I'm sad because I really like Isaac, I always have. But I'm not as sad because this show can survive without him. Isaac's death would impact a lot of people as well, mainly Allison, Scott and maybe Derek, since Isaac is the last member of his pact. Of course, this is all my best guess and I'm usually wrong so we'll see. 

Now when it comes to endgame, I'm Scallison all the way. But when it's not my OTP, I can be flexible with other ships. Like these two!! I just find them so endearing, and lovely. They just had this instant connection, and it's been nice watching that connection grow. Kira is a new character this season that I absolutely adore, and she's badass so that is just an added bonus. In fact, all the ladies on this show is badass in their own ways which is really amazing. I've really enjoyed the addition of Kira, and this cute little relationship that's growing. 

Another thing I think Teen Wolf does really well is their take on love triangles where it's not really present, at all. Finally a show that's staple isn't all about the constant love triangles. 

Just look at these two! If this was any other teen show, they would be enemies because love triangle! But no, this episode they were allies, working together to defend themselves against their possessed friends. One of those friends being Isaac, the other factor of why there's no love triangle. 

Instead of going through dreaded triangles, Scott and Allison were mature about their break up. Leading Allison to form a connection to Isaac much like but not similar to Scott and Kira. Basically I love how Teen Wolf does things. Teen Wolf wins all the awards!

Now's the portion of the review where we get to the Stydia of it all. There hasn't been much Stydia lately due to Stiles being taken over by the nogitsune. But what I want to talk about is Lydia's connection to Stiles. I feel like Deaton's quote from the sacrifice in 3x11 fits these two the most; "..it needs to be someone who can pull you back, someone who that has a strong connection to you..a kind of emotional tether. Lydia, you go with Stiles." These last few episode with Stiles slipping away and the nogitsune taking over, we're starting to see how strong that connection is. That was really displayed when Stiles was sleepwalking in 3x18, and in his mind he was in the basement at the mental institution when he was actually in the woods. Following the voices in Lydia's head, she was also convinced he was in the basement. Now we have this episode, and she was following what she thought was her GPS but really it was all in her head, and it ended up leading her to Stiles/the nogitsune.

I really enjoyed that it was Scott and Lydia that went inside Stiles' head to try and draw him out of the nogitsune. Besides his dad, I feel like these two are the closest to him and would be the most effective. I especially loved that while they were in there, it was Lydia who was really guiding Scott on what to do; having to remind him of his werewolf strength and getting him signal a member of his pact (Stiles) with his howl, and it worked! I'm completely convinced that it's going to continue to be Lydia that's going to figure this all out and save Stiles once and for all.

Now the episode ended with Stiles and the nogitsune separating, so now there's two Stiles; our Stiles and the nogitsune. The saddest part was the nogitsune took Lydia, and the realization on Stiles' face broke my heart.

Last thing I want to talk about is how amazing Dylan O'Brien is! I always knew he was an amazing actor. But this season has really allowed him to expand his acting chops outside of the comic relief role. He just blows me away every week with his outstanding talent. It's been really exciting to watch this guy continually grow into the amazing actor he is, Teen Wolf being his first job, you can tell he's going places. I'm so proud to be a fan of him and his work.

Okay, that's all I have on the episode! Only 2 episodes left!! I can't wait to see what's going to happen next.

One quick note before I go; style icon as always is Lydia Martin. I absolutely loved her outfit last night, she was head-to-toe perfect! Loved her floral dress, perfect curls, and her beige suede wedges. So lovely!

So what did you guys think of the episode? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Hey girls ! Do you know what is the brand of her dress ? It's so cute ! I want it.

  2. Hey there! Her dress is by Collective Concepts and sold at Nordstrom but it's no longer available, unfortunately :(


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