Veronica Mars movie; the word EPIC comes to mind.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

"I thought our story was epic. Spanning years, continents, lives ruined, bloodshed. Epic!" 

7 years in the making, we made it. We literally did, thanks to Kickstarter, we the fans funded this movie. That was/is amazing, and so inspiring to watch and be apart of. To see them get their asking price of 2 million in 1 day as opposed to the month they gave us. Then to see that it went up to close to 5 million goes to show how passionate and dedicated fans can be. We did it, marshmallows!

And it was well worth the wait! This movie was beyond perfect for me. It had everything you could want as a fan, but it was also so well done that you don't have to have seen the show to understand the movie. I liked that you could have newcomers see it, but also had little bits throughout the movie that was a nod to the fans of the show. Very well done, Rob Thomas!

Now's the part of this post where spoilers begin. I saw that with light warning because this blog will always contain spoilers when it comes to reviews. I see something, I want to talk about it as soon as possible!


I'm going to save Logan and Veronica for last because you know, best for last (my babies).

The plot: I really enjoyed the case that they were working on and how things got connected and came together. It was a nice throwback, and I felt so sentimental about the show and all the cases. It was really great to see Veronica step back into her old ways, her element. I loved watching her go from just checking up on Logan and her dad, to wanting to help, to just staying because she loved it and this is what makes her the happiest in life. Her true calling!

The Return of old characters: Getting to see everyone was amazing! It was a nice touch, and so well done by Rob getting that many to come back and write it in a way that makes sense. Personally loved the return of Leo, not that I was his biggest fan on the show. I did like him, but back then he was just another obstacle to my OTP. Now with my extreme love for New Girl, it was great to see him back. But all I saw was Schmidt, which I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing but I loved it all the same. I even liked Piz. I was happy to find out he and Veronica haven't been together for 9 years, that would have been ridiculous and unbelievable. I even felt kinda bad for him in the end, but it all worked out, and I do love me some Chris Lowell so I was very pleased. 

The return of Dick: He's still got it! He had me in stitches as always, and had some of the best and funniest lines. Now I don't know if I'm the only one, but I always secretly shipped Dick and Mac on the show. Especially in Season 3. So there was little moments in this movie that weren't significant, but to a shipper it was nice to see. I still secretly ship them, and believe that they will get together at some point. It's fiction, you can take it however you want when it's left up to interpretation like it was.

The return of Keith Mars: Who doesn't love the best TV dad in history! I was so happy to see him again, and I loved the reconnection of his relationship with his daughter. I really loved that he just wants what's best for Veronica. What he didn't realize though was that was being in Neptune with him, being a P.I. and being with Logan. Speaking of Logan, a stand out scene for me was the car crash. My heart was racing, and I loved that Logan saved him. It was really nice, and also relieving because that was stressful.

LOGAN AND VERONICA: Now I'll be honest, while I loved everything I just mentioned, this movie was all about these two for me! This was the Veronica Mars OTP for me, and when the show got cancelled, they were left in a very vague unknown state where you weren't sure if they ended up together. I mean, it was so obvious they were mean to be endgame, but it didn't get to be made clear at the end of the show. So here we are 7 years later about to get our answer. 

I'll be honest, the thought that they hadn't seen or spoke to each other for 9 years scared me a little. But after seeing the movie, I'm glad they had that time apart. When they see each other again for the first time, you can just see and even feel just how much they each are affected by the other. I loved how that was displayed throughout the whole movie. They really connect, trust and respect each other. I loved that Veronica always knew he didn't do it, and believed in him from the start. It was great to see them rely on one another again. Plus I mean, come on, the chemistry is and always has been undeniable. Kristen Bell and Jason Dohring both know their characters so well, and play off each other effortlessly and epically (is that a word? if it's not, it is now because they are epic, okay!)

The ending: I loved it. I'm happy that Veronica went back to what she loved, Mars Investigation, and Mac works there too!! That was nice. She's around her friends and dad all the time now, which feels right. What else feels right? Oh yes, Logan and Veronica are together now. Yes they have to spend 6 months apart since Logan is in the military now. But like Logan said, "What's 180 days to us? Our story is epic." 

This movie was everything I wanted the movie to be and more. It was perfect for a fan who has been waiting for this the last 7 years. I can't thank Rob Thomas enough for giving us these amazing character and stories. It was a fitting end, but of course it left me wanting more. But beggars can't be choosers, I'm just happy that we got this movie! It was epic.

What did you think of the movie? Let me know in the comments!

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