goodbye long hair, hello medium length!

Saturday, 31 May 2014

I'm going to tell you my hair story today, and why I had to cut my long hair even though I really didn't want to. I spent the last year and half growing my hair out, but there was always parts that bothered me that I couldn't just get past until finally I just decided I need to cut it now and fix it (picture evidence is down below). The way to make me cope is that it's Summer, so better to cut it now rather than later, and also it'll be back to around the same length come Christmas but this time the way I want it. So I just have to constantly keep that in mind, and all will be alright.

Okay so here we are with the before and after shot:

(It feels shorter than it is. I thought it was going to shorter, so I'm relieved)

Anyways, here's what happened, around Nov 2012, I was very into The Vampire Diaries at the time and Caroline Forbes was my favourite character. So I brought the photo below to my hair dresser, and she cut my hair accordingly.

At the time I absolutely loved it, and it was exactly what I wanted. But what works for Candice Accola does not work for me, and I learned that over time.

So the problem:

(This is my hair just brushed with no product! haha the back!!)

Now as you can see that's a lot of hair that's the same length. That length of hair goes all the way around the top layer of my hair. So it's like my hair is separated into two lengths, and then little layers throughout. It's very frustrating to style it this way, and it just doesn't work for me anymore. So what I did is cut it to that length, so my hair is now the same length all around and not two separate lengths as shown below.
(pathetically sad goodbye to the long hair! it grows back Michelle, geez!!)

The solution:

So there you have it!! Also before I go I did a little OOTD before I left for my appointment.

Long sleeve shirt: Bluenotes (similar) | tank top: Garage Co. (similar) | Sunglasses: American Eagle
Leggings: Forever 21 | Shoes: Aldo (N/A)

That's all for today's adventures! Hope you're enjoying your day, and thanks for reading!


  1. Love your new cut but wondering why you didn't mention the color. How did you get the new tone?


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