Happy Mother's Day!

Sunday, 11 May 2014

(my mom is so non-photogenic! it was so hard to find pics of the two of us, haha)

I just wanted to take this time to express the extreme love I have for my mom. I feel very fortunate in the parents department. My mom is someone that I feel I can tell absolutely everything to and she'll support me. Growing up, I never felt pressure to be anything other than me. What I've learned from my mom is that the only thing that matters is that you find your own happiness and live a healthy, happy life. Which is a way of life that I will bring to my own kids someday.

(Julie, my mom, me and Tasha in Niagara Falls in 2008)

Almost 18 years ago, my mom met Julie who has been and is my second mom. Lucky ducky getting not just two amazing parents, but three! With Julie came two step-siblings, Tasha and Taylor. For an only child, that was a hard adjustment but now I'm so thankful because I could not imagine my life without these people in it. What I've learned from Julie is not take everything in life so seriously. Life is short, so fill it with laughter and good times.

Today's a day of celebration to the one's who bring us into this world, and help shape us into the people that we are today. Not all moms have to be your birth mother, sometimes circumstances change and that's okay. So go hug your mom today and tell them you love them, whoever that person is to you! 

Happy Mother's Day!!

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