Man Crush Monday; Colin O'Donoghue

Monday, 19 May 2014

Man Crush Monday; Colin O'Donoghue as Captain Hook aka Killian Jones.

I haven't done a Man Crush Monday yet, and I don't know why as there is so many good looking, gorgeous eye candy out there in the world. So I'm going to start to try and do more of these in the near future. 

One of my absolute favourite shows is Once Upon a Time. I've loved this show pretty much since the start. I started to watch when the show was on it's 5th episode of the first season. Such a good show, I highly recommend it. I've really loved the introduction of Colin' character, Captain Hook, in the second season, especially when paired with my favourite character on the show, Emma Swan. 

The show just finished it's third season last Sunday (May 11th), and I can now say that I not only love this show, but I'm properly obsessed. That largely has to do with the pairing or "ship" of Captain Hook aka Killian Jones and Emma Swan. It's been so much fun watching these two grow together, and the finale was just epic! 

I've chosen Colin for this week because of his portrayal of Captain Hook. While he is a very good looking man, there is just something about his pirate look of leather, guyliner and that hook that just works! Very rugged and oh so handsome. I'll leave you with some more eye candy, and hope I've sparked some interest and incentive for people to want to check out Once Upon a Time, if you haven't already. It's on hiatus now, perfect time to get caught up on the first three seasons in time for Season 4 this fall.

And of course, some Captain Swan aka Hook and Emma!
(The start of a love story, believe it or not)

Do you watch Once Upon a Time? 
Who's on your Man Crush Monday list?

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