Hair Inspiration: Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sunday, 1 June 2014

When it comes to hair, I always knew I wanted long hair. The inspiration for that started in the 4th grade when I was forced to watch I Know What You Did Last Summer at a slumber party (I covered my eyes at all the scary parts). But I fell in love with Sarah Michelle Gellar's character's long gorgeous hair in that movie (course back then I didn't know they were extensions. Which is why I spent years scared someone scary guy with a hook would come out of my closet at night and not kill me, but hack off all my hair!! Oh dear, haha!). Anyways, not long after that in the 5th grade I discovered TGIF on YTV (Canadian channel), and started watching Boy Meets World and Topanga's long gorgeous hair solidified my love of super long hair.

But then I started getting into Buffy the Vampire Slayer around the Seventh grade, and we were back to Sarah Michelle Gellar who became a constant hair inspiration for me for many years to come. I've cut my hair short because of her, got bangs because of her, basically tried many different hairstyles all thanks to this gorgeous lady.

Years later, after trying to out different hair inspirations from Dianna Agron and Candice Accola, as the main two out of many. I'm back to SMG! If you saw my post from yesterday, I knew exactly what hairstyle I wanted to fix my problem and immediately started searching for pictures of Sarah when she was on Buffy. Season 4 was my favourite Buffy hair season, followed closely by Season 7.

And that's my hair inspiration story! I'll leave you now with some of the pictures I saved to choose from for my hair appointment. I'm sorry some of these pictures are her in mid-sentence, haha! It's hard to find a good screencap where she's not talking in the scene. Focus on the hair ;)

Thank you for reading! Hope you're enjoying your day!!

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