Happy Father's Day!

Sunday, 15 June 2014


I don't mean to brag or anything but my dad is the coolest dad ever!! I always grew up thinking my dad was the greatest man I knew, and I still think that to this day. Total daddy's little girl, I know!

I also think my dad is the funniest! He always makes me laugh, and I always felt like I got my sense of humour from him. Life is not always easy, but if you work hard and do your best than that's what matters. So make sure to keep your wits, and whenever things might get to be too much, find something that will make you laugh. As cheesy as it may sound, laughter is the best medicine! 

As I said in my Mother's Day post, I feel very fortunate when it comes to my parents. I feel like I lucked out! I realize that for some people that's not always the case. But sometimes family doesn't have to biological, you can make your own family. So whoever it is that you celebrate this day with, make sure to give them a hug and let them know that you love them! 

First time meeting my dad:
 This is just one of the many weird photos I have of him! My weirdness is from genetics ;)
This is the only semi-normal picture I have on my computer, and it was taken by surprise!

Happy Father's Day Dad!! I love you!
Thanks for reading!

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