Pictures from Las Vegas!

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

So I really didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked, but here's what I can share!

My nails just after I got them done!!

Finishing up packing, and Zeus wanted to come with us!!

Airport pictures!! 

The amazing hotel/resort that we stayed at! We stayed in this building, on the third floor.
Our balcony.
A shot from our balcony.
Living room area.
Dining room area.
Mom and Julie's room. Look at that chair!! I want it so badly!
 Their bathroom. (hi me!)
The biggest bathtub I've ever been in!!
Mine and Tasha's room. Where I spent most of my time.

My closet! I loved it so much and wished I could have one just like it at home!
The pool area. Another place that I went almost everyday!
Finally, the big ferris wheel. Still taken while in the resort. 
 I have many more pics from Shania Twain's concert. I just picked these because this was the last song she performed which is my favourite Shania song, 'Man, I feel like a Woman'.
This picture came out really dark, so I tried to lighten it on iPhoto. That's why it looks so weird..

And that's basically it! I took a couple from Universal Studios, but they didn't turn out. They were mostly from The Simpsons part of the park anyways. I'm so obsessed with this resort that I would go back in a heartbeat just to spend a week there again.


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