Return from Las Vegas!

Monday, 27 October 2014

Hey, hi! Let's have a little life update. As I've mentioned, I was going on vacation to Las Vegas. I left on Oct 10 and got home Oct 17. I would have blogged sooner, but I wanted to re-adjust to life and going back to work, and all that. I had originally planned it all out, how I was going to blog about the day before we left, and do a blog post a day about everything we did on each day (planned being the key word as it didn't happen!)

Like I mentioned in my Anxiety post, I started medication to help with my anxiety. The side effects really affected my vacation. But I still had a really great time, I just didn't do much! They gave me headaches, made me feel tired alot of the time, made me feel down and just not motivated to exert myself. It takes a few weeks to get into your system.

Anyways, I wanted to do a rundown of each day and what I did on here. If you're curious, read on. If not, that's okay. I just wanted to write it out for me, so I can look back at this post and remember. Also I'll be posting pictures of the amazing hotel (well it's not really a hotel, more a resort timeshare) tomorrow, along with whatever other pictures I took. I fear I might ramble a bit, so I don't want this post to get too long and cluttered, like it will if I add all the pictures as well.

Okay here we go!

Day before we left (Oct 9): This was prep day! I got my eyebrows done, did some last minute shopping. Got my nails done with Tasha! I use to get my nails done all the time in highschool, but then I starting working and had to stop (curse of working in food service). It was so nice to get them done again. I got UV gel nails and painted them mint green. After that, Tasha and I had Five Guys and then went to see The Maze Runner. Then finished up packing and watched The Hangover (classic! had to be done before Vegas).

Day 1 (Oct 10): This was mostly airport and flying day! I was really nervous about this day, it's what caused my anxiety to flare up really badly as I haven't been on a plane in 10 years. Luckily when the day arrived I was fine, and I'm 100% sure I have Tasha to thank for that! She kept me distracted and is always fun to be around. The flight was 5 hours!! When we got there, we had to go pick up a car for the week and that's where I crashed. As we waited, I sat down and just started to feel really out of it and started to get a really bad headache. Then we went to Wal-Mart to pick up some groceries and McDonald's. By the time, we got to the hotel I was just hanging by a thread, so exhausted. I felt awful because Tasha wanted to go out and I felt like I was letting her down in a way. But luckily her boyfriend and his family was staying down there at the time, so it worked out. So yeah, I basically unpacked and fell asleep. Woke up around 4:30am to no-one being home, and started to have a panic attack because for some reason I thought they said they'd be home early and when they weren't, I panicked. But they got home about half an hour later, and by that time I was drained and went back to bed.

Day 2 (Oct 11): Woke up fairly early as Vegas is 3 hours behind than what I'm use to! My mom and I went for a walk around the hotel resort to check it all out (so nice!!). Then of course, we went to the pool and did some tanning and swimming. Then it was time to explore Vegas. My mom, Julie and I walked up the main strip, and checked out a bunch of casinos. Sidenote: I HATE gambling! It's not for me, at all. I did gambling once while I was there. Put in $20, lost $20 in less than 5 minutes, and that was that! But we ended up at Caesar's Palace which I needed to see because hello Hangover! It was so beautiful!! We picked up our Shania Twain tickets there and then headed back to the hotel. Had a little downtime, read my book (Divergent! Amazing!! More on that in future blog post). Then it was time to get dressed and ready to see Shania Twain. She's AMAZING!!!! I can't even begin! Just an amazing show! After that got back to the hotel, watched some TV with Tasha, read for a bit and then night night.

Day 3 (Oct 12): This was a difficult day for me! First, I got up and Tasha and I went down to the pool. After I was going to go out with her and her boyfriend to do some more exploring, but I happened to just check my facebook. I hadn't been online in 2 days at this point. I found out that my grandma had passed away on the day that I left for Vegas. That was really devastating to me because I love her so much! I have alot of fond memories with her. But I knew it was coming because she wasn't getting better this time. The only way to look at things like this is that she's not suffering anymore. But it's still hard! It's not really sunk in for me yet. I was stuck in Vegas when they had the funeral, so it still feels unreal to me. She was a strong woman, and an amazing grandmother. I miss her and love her with all my heart. So after I found out, I didn't really feel like going anywhere at that point so I ended up staying at the hotel, and just cried and eventually fell asleep. When I woke up, it was time to get ready because we had reservations at The Stratosphere. It was our last night with Tasha because she had to fly back early with her boyfriend because of school. The Stratosphere was gorgeous!! The food was amazing! I had a seafood pasta dish which was delicious. The view was incredible. Just really a lovely evening! After that, it was home with the TV. Ended up watching The Hunger Games, then read and fell asleep.

Day 4 (Oct 13): We got up super early this day because we drove to California to spend the day at Universal Studios. So we were up at 3:45am, and on the road. I basically woke up, got in the car and went back to sleep. We got to Universal, and right away went on the tour. I love that kind of stuff, so I was in my glory. Then we explored the park, saw almost all the shows, went on almost all the rides. We just didn't get to the Despicable Me stuff. We tried, but couldn't find where the ride actually was (lol at that point we were too tired to care). After that we went to check in to our hotel for the night, and it was the crappiest hotel ever!! I napped because I had a huge headache (again), then we ate, I read, and then we called an early night because we just wanted to sleep and get out of there!! So by 7:30pm, bedtime!

Day 5 (Oct 14): We woke up at 4am, packed the car and drove back to Vegas. We stopped at a Denny's along the way. We don't have them where I live. The closest one is in Niagara Falls. I loved it!! It was delicious! I just had the classic; eggs, hashbrowns, sausage and toast but there was so many different things I wanted to try!! It's why I wish so badly that we had one nearby. Anyways, once we got back to the beautiful and best hotel ever, we immediately went to the pool. Then I had a bath in the biggest bathtub I've ever been in (I took a picture of it, it was huge!). Then chilled and read. My mom, Julie and I went down to the games room after that and played some pool and air hockey. I started to feel really anxious, so after a few games, I went back to our room and watched some TV and fell asleep.

Day 6 (Oct 15): This day I didn't leave our place once, not even to go to the pool. It was my really down day. I just remember feeling really sad because it was the day of my grandma's funeral and I couldn't be there. So I mostly just stayed in my bed and napped alot, watched TV, and a couple of movies. In the evening, We're the Millers came on HBO and Julie and I love that movie so we watched it in the living room together. Then it was back to my room for more TV time and sleep.

Day 7 (Oct 16): Our last full day there! I woke up pretty early to go take some pictures to post on here. Then I went shopping! There was the biggest Forever 21 that I have ever seen there, so of course I needed to go. The place was huge, and I didn't know where to go and I didn't have that much time. I wasted too much time looking for a bag for my laptop because on the way down, Tasha had it in hers, and I didn't think about what to do when were going home. Anyways, I ended up back in just Forever 21 and found everything there. We all know how much I love Forever 21!! After that we went down to the pool for our final swim. Then it was back to my room for TV and reading time. I also packed my suitcase that night.

Day 8 (Oct 17): It was time to say goodbye to the hotel, and I was really sad because I think I was a little in love with the hotel to be honest! After that we had time to kill before going to the airport, so we hung out around the pool. Read a bit, and I put my legs in the pool one last time. Then it was off to the airport! Another super long flight. The drive home was stressful because it was dark and I had to help navigate. But we made it home around 2am! I hugged Zeus, and went straight to bed.

And that was it! That was my week. I really didn't do much but it was the best!! Despite being sad and also having to deal with medication side effects, I just relaxed and tried not to worry so much about everything! It was nice to get away and get to see places that you see in movies! For that I had a blast, and I would definitely go back...not gonna lie, mainly for the hotel!


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