GRWM: work xmas party!

Saturday, 6 December 2014

From this to that!

I wanted to do a different way of blogging today. I'm going to be getting all dressed up nice for my annual work Christmas party, so I thought I would take pictures as I got ready and shared my day with you. I'm going to be writing this blog as the day goes on, instead of just all at once later on.

I was going to take pictures and blog everything, but honestly my morning was boring! I ate breakfast, showered, backed up my files on my computer, checked out tumblr and watched some youtube videos.

So anyways, let's get started!!

My 'I just woke up so what' face! I literally woke up 10 minutes before this picture was taken. Excuse the laundry basket in the background. I usually make sure that's not in the background on my awake days. This morning was not one of those days!

Don't worry this is much later in the day! Finished off my birthday wine (which was 6 months ago!). Thanks Tasha!!

 Setting the Christmasy mood with my Christmas candle! Bought at Wal-Mart for $10! It's the best!!!

 My makeup essentials for today! 

AHH, hideous!! I've never put myself so bared faced on the internet before! So I'm scared, but here it is! My before makeup shot!

And after!! Much nicer!!

 Hair wand and hairspray

 Best hairspray ever!!

The dress:

Dress: H&M (n/a) | Shoes: Le Chateau (n/a) | Headband: Icing's (n/a)

Note: My dress was on sale at H&M. I couldn't find it on the website, but there might still be some left in stores. There was black, maroon and light pink for colours.

I'm Christmas party ready!!


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