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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Yesterday I finally got my new iPhone!! I went for the big one, the 6 plus. It's such a difference, and I'm loving it so much more already. My iPhone 4s wore out it's welcome long ago when the battery life would easily go from 40% to 1% in less than 5 minutes anytime I went on Instagram or Snapchat. Horrible!! 

I'm so beyond happy! I've wanted the new iPhone pretty much since the day they announced it last year. Perfect timing too since last night's episode of Modern Family aired entirely shot using Apple products mainly the iPhone 6.

I usually download the episodes, but last night I watched live and I wanted to share my thoughts on the episode. 

Modern Family is still one of my favourite shows, and last night lived up to the hype for me personally. I thought it was so creative and well done. The whole episode was told from the perspective of Claire's laptop. Her and Haley got into a fight, and she's trying to get ahold of her, and ends up getting the whole family involved when she thinks Haley is married and pregnant with Andy. 
Of course it was all a big misunderstanding as I thought it would be. But as you may know, I made a blog post mentioning it, I'm a huge Haley and Andy supporter. So one the one hand, I'm glad they aren't married and pregnant! I would like to see that wedding thank you very much! But on the other hand, I hope they move their story along soon. 
I'm hoping the finale has him leaving Beth, and them getting together. Leading to Season 7 of them being a couple! That's my wish/prediction on the Haley and Andy front.
But yeah, overall great episode! I loved it!!

In other news, I lost my reading mojo. I just can't get into any of the books I have left from my Christmas presents. I want to read Neil Patrick Harris' book, so I hope that sparks my reading love again.

Sorry for the lack of posts. Lack of motivation, and pure laziness is to blame as usual.

I'm hoping March is a better blog month ;) Hope everyone is having a good day, and enjoying life!!

Thanks for reading!!


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