Disney Day!!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

On the Saturday that just passed, my stepsister, Tasha, and I had a Disney Day! We saw the new Cinderella movie which was amazing! It was very cute, and well done. If you're a Disney nut, it's a must see! I also enjoyed the Disney short that aired before Cinderella, it was Frozen Fever. The song was so adorable that I of course downloaded it immediately afterwards.

After that, we headed off to Toronto to see Disney on Ice: Frozen. I haven't been to Disney on Ice since I was a kid, so I was so excited for this, I was counting down the days. It was everything and more. Truly spectacular!!

Here are some pictures and videos from the experience.

Little OOTD

Shirt: Hot Topic | Jeggings: Garage Co.


Disney On Ice: Frozen

Tasha and I got the classic snow cones in Disney mugs. Mine's the Elsa one, her's the Olaf.

Because I'm lazy, I put all the pictures into a photobucket without going through all of them. There's over 200 pictures that I took, some great, some potentially blurry. But if you want to go over there and take a look, here's the link.

Same goes for the videos, I compiled them all together in one big video and posted it on a random YouTube account that I don't use. If it gets taken down for some reason then I'll find somewhere else to put it. Here's the link to the video on YouTube is you want to watch it over there.

Also before I go, this happened:

And that was Disney Day!!

Thanks for reading!!


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