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Friday, 20 March 2015

Blog Update: I updated all of Book Reviews to look the same, and added in a few things like when the books were published and by who, the genre and number of pages, along with a link to the books Goodreads page. I also want to note that all information I got for the following things were from the book's Goodreads page on the edition that I personally own.

Okay with that said, time to say Goodbye to Glee!

Glee at one time was the most important TV show in my life, and everything was about Glee! And while that went away, the impact this show had on me at that time has stayed with me to this day. Yes, Glee became this outlandish show that was so unbelievable that it, at times, was laughable. But it also was a show that had heart, good characters, and great music. Because of that I will honestly miss this show.

It was because of Glee (and Dianna Agron) that I was introduced to the world of tumblr. When I joined tumblr, I had no idea what I was signing on for. Here we are 5 years later since I joined, and I'm on it every single day, and I've made incredible friendships with people all over the world. It was these friendships that always picked me up when I was down, made laugh, and made me feel like I belong and there's people in the world who are like me. For that, I'm incredibly grateful! 

While on the topic of tumblr, I thought I would share my story of how I came up with sunshinegold. It was my first tumblr URL, and still is! Because tumblr lead me to great things, and taught me alot about myself, that URL became a part of me. It's why this blog is named after it, along with all my social media URLs. So how did I come up with it? It's kind of silly now, but I originally wanted something Dianna Agron related because she was the reason I joined tumblr in the first place. I also wanted something Disney related because it's Disney. I like Sleeping Beauty, and I remember when I first saw Dianna that she looked like Aurora. So that's where I started. I started to watch the movie, when I got to the scene where the fairies give their gifts to baby Aurora, when Flora gives the gift of beauty, for hair the song sings, "gold of sunshine in her hair". I took that and made sunshinegold from it. And that's that!

Okay, back to Glee!

Let's talk OTP! For anyone who possibly doesn't know what that means and doesn't speak fangirl, OTP stands for One True Pairing. That one couple on the show that you love the most! 

Here's mine!

Noah 'Puck' Puckerman and Quinn Fabray! I started watching glee a couple days after episode 4, Preggers, aired. I caught up on those 4 episodes before episode 5 aired. By the end of catching up, these two were it for me, instant OTP status. That hasn't wavered since, even though it was very shaky and difficult at times to ship them when the writers were writing for them (ship is another fangirl term; it's two people you want to be together in a relationship). I think they were each paired with any other possible person than each other throughout the show especially after Season 1, trust me when I say it was a frustrating time. But I always believed they would end up together. My prayers were answered in the shows 100th episode in Season 5. They got together for real, and have been together ever since, guaranteed we don't get to see that on-screen as Mark and Dianna weren't on the show as much after Season 3. But if you ask any Quick shipper, they will tell you the less time they are on screen, the less time for the writers to mess them up.

In the finale tonight, they jump forward 5 years. I'm already 99% certain their won't be any scenes for them. Which like I just said, is fine by me. I'm happy believing that in the time jump, they are happily married with another kid or more, and hopefully made peace with Shelby so they are in contact with Beth.

I can't say goodbye to Glee without talking about this guy and what he meant to me.

I will never forget the day I found out. It was on one of my days off, I woke up and checked my iPad like I always do. I had a message from one of my co-workers asking if Cory had died, and my first reaction was denial. I immediately thought it was a horrible twitter joke or something. But before I answered her, I decided to check to hopefully confirm my suspicion. I was wrong. I went on my tumblr and was bombarded with post after post about Cory's passing. I immediately broke down crying. Such an amazing person, gone way too soon!

Cory was instantly one of those celebrities that you just felt like you knew him personally, and you loved because of how great he was. First of all, he's Canadian so already I was connected to him. But in every cast interview I watched, he was this happy, funny, amazing person that the more you got to know him, as any fan could get to know a celebrity, you loved him more and more. From every story I've ever heard or read from fans or from his co-stars, you could tell he was one of the most genuinely nice people around. I miss him! I always will. The world lost an amazing man, and heaven gained an angel.

Thank you Glee! For introducing the world to this amazing cast of people. It's weird to think these people were once unknown, and now they are some of my favourite celebrities. This show also helped people see things differently, see the world differently. I'm thankful for that and all this show gave over the last 6 years. I can't believe it's time to now say goodbye, but here we are.

Goodbye, Glee.

"By it's very definition, glee is about opening yourself up to joy."

Thanks for reading!!



  1. Oh, Michelle! This post made me tear up! I can't believe Glee's over after tonight. It was, honestly, the most amazing experience being in the fandom at its first stages, hey. I mean, we Quick shippers were tiny in comparison to the bigger ships (Puchel [I still refuse to say the other one!!] and Finchel), but we were very vocal and very loyal to our OTP. And, whatever happens tonight, my Quick headcanon is firmly in place! There won't be any wavering, even if RIB attempt to ruin them once more ;P haha!

    1. It really was an amazing experience in the beginning! I'll always remember that time and smile. I really can't see there being any Quick apart from the final number, but we'll see! But yes, we've lasted 6 years, no wavering! They are married with kids and living happily ever after ;)


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