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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

As you may or may not know, I want to become a Librarian and the other day I was wondering if I did a Career Test if I would get that as one of the results and that's what lead to this post. I did the Disney Princess Personality Test months ago on tumblr, and when I did this career test, I got the same result so it must mean that I am, indeed, ISFJ. What my result had to say was so spot on accurate that I thought I would share it with you guys, as well as give you the option to find out your personality type and which results you get. Unfortunately the tumblr who made that chart is deleted, so I don't remember what link was used for that test. But you can still find out your result after doing the career test!

Here's the link to the Career Test.

My results: ISFJ (Introverted. Sensing. Feeling. Judging)

Disney Princess; Cinderella
Traditional, loyal, kind and observant of others. Values stability and cultural norms and are often consistent with work. Known for their kindness and willingness to go to any lengths to help those in need. Often fear change and try hard to maintain peace.

Career Test Results; Conservator
ISFJs are service and work oriented and are very loyal. They make good nurses, teachers, secretaries, and librarians. 6% of the total population. 
ISFJ's respect established authority and they tend to accept others’ opinions and desires as their own. In work situations, they provide a stable and standardized service. Disorderly situations and constantly changing rules can cause them undue stress. At these times ISFJ's need to be more assertive and direct because, owing to their kindheartedness and sensitivity, ISFJ's can be taken for granted and even taken advantage of. This can cause them to feel resentment and anger — feelings that the ISFJ has a tendency to deny. If the situation worsens and uncomfortable feelings build up, the ISFJ will begin to feel insecure about their status. Worrying that they are not secure or protected enough, they may become overprotective and excessively nervous about foreboding events. This can cause others to feel resistant or defiant which then contributes to the disorder of the situation.  
If stress continues, the ISFJ will experience increasing anxiety. Their fear that things will continue to spin out of control will result in a general feeling of dread and apprehensiveness. They become both wary of change and unrelentingly pessimistic about the future. ISFJ's will eventually become immobilized by physical symptoms associated with their anxieties. Providing care for others will become secondary as their own bodily symptoms — resulting from their fears of abandonment — disable to such a degree that they cannot assume their responsibilities. Yet, abandoning service-orientated obligations prevents ISFJ's from accessing opportunities that allow them to fulfill their basic needs.
That is basically me to a tee! I don't, I just find this stuff fascinating!

So what about you? What are your results? What's your personality type, and which Disney Princess are you??

Let me know!

Thanks for reading!!


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