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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

I've been a fan of Nicholas Sparks stories since I saw A Walk to Remember, where it all began. Yes, the stories are predictable at times and have a lot of the same elements, but I still love all of them. Sometimes I just like a nice love story with a side of tragedy for the feels.

The Longest Ride came out in theaters on the 10th, and I want to see it and read the book so badly that I've been watching the trailer every now and then. I roped my mom into seeing it with me soon, and I plan on buying the book then. This got me reminiscing about my love for all his books and movies. I loved reading all my John Green books, that I thought I'd do the same with my Nicholas Sparks books. I only own the eight you see above. Out of those eight, I've only read four of them.

I'm not sure what order I'll read them in yet. But I had an idea to watch the movie and then read the book, then compare them in a Book vs Movie post as well as doing a separate book review post. So be prepared for a lot of Nicholas Sparks posts in the near future is the point I'm trying to make.

Are you a Nicholas Sparks fan? What's your favourite?

Thanks for reading!!


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