Titanic; Fourth Annual Viewing

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Oh how I love this movie!! I love the love story between Jack and Rose. I love learning about the history of Titanic.  I can't tell you how many times I've seen this movie, I've honestly lost count. I remember first watching it back when it was in theaters. I didn't really understand the movie and I hid on the floor when the ship started going down because I was scared. I was 9!!

Ever since the 100th anniversary in 2012, I've made it a habit to watch this movie around the time the Titanic set sail to the day it sank. I don't have a set date, I just have 5 days that I can watch it on. For instance in 2012, I watched it the day the Titanic set sail. I can't remember what day I watched in 2013. But last year I watched on the 15th, technically the day the ship sank (2:20am). I watched it last night this year. I plan to keep this tradition going for a very long time. It makes watching this movie special.

Do you love this movie? When did you first see Titanic?

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  1. absolutely love this movie, i was really young when i saw it in the theater so i don't even remember!

    danielle | avec danielle


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