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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Started: May 19, 2015 | Finished: May 20, 2015

A Work in Progress by Connor Franta
Published by Atria/Keywords Press on April 21, 2015
Genre: Non-fiction, memoir
Pages: 224
Book Edition: Paperback, Audiobook
No. of times read: 1
Links: Goodreads

In this intimate memoir of life beyond the camera, Connor Franta shares the lessons he has learned on his journey from small-town boy to Internet sensation so far.

Here, Connor offers a look at his Midwestern upbringing as one of four children in the home and one of five in the classroom; his struggles with identity, body image, and sexuality in his teen years; and his decision to finally pursue his creative and artistic passions in his early twenties, setting up his thrilling career as a YouTube personality, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and tastemaker.

Exploring his past with insight and humor, his present with humility, and his future with hope, Connor reveals his private struggles while providing heartfelt words of wisdom for young adults. His words will resonate with anyone coming of age in the digital era, but at the core is a timeless message for people of all ages: don't be afraid to be yourself and to go after what you truly want.

This full-color collection includes photography and childhood clippings provided by Connor and is a must-have for anyone inspired by his journey.
Rating: 4.5/5

My Review:

While I don't watch his videos as regularly as other YouTubers, he's still one of my favs. I've been watching Connor's videos for about a year now. He's extremely likeable and charismatic from the moment you push play to his videos. He started 4 years ago, and to this date has over 4.4 million viewers watching his videos which is incredible.

In Connor's book he shares his upbringing with his parents and 3 siblings. His highschool days, and his experience with college. What life as a YouTuber is like, and how people don't understand that it is considered a job. All that and more, in every chapter, Connor imparts a lesson learned and offers advice and inspiration along with it. I left this book feeling very inspired to stop making excuses and just go, and live life to the way I want.

Like with Neil Patrick Harris' book, I purchased the audiobook along with this book which I find enhances the read, for me anyways. There's something about having the book be read to you by the person who wrote it that you like and admire. It makes it that much more enjoyable in my opinion.

I loved Connor's book very much. He's very inspiring, and I feel like if I'm ever feeling self-doubt and need a reminding to live life the way I want and to stop worrying, I can read or listen to Connor's book. It left me feeling that inspired which is an incredible gift. I can't wait to continue to watch Connor's journey and where he goes next with his career.

Do you watch Connor's videos? Have you read his book?

Thanks for reading!!


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