First Look at The Scorch Trials Trailer

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

I can't even begin to tell just how excited I am for this movie! Out of the series, The Scorch Trials was my favourite. Yesterday, they released the first trailer for the movie that will be in theaters September 18! Official countdown starts now!!

Here's the trailer. Let's talk about it!

There's already been changes from what I can see, which kind of annoys me but I can deal with it. Just like there was changes in The Maze Runner, but it was tolerable. I'm hoping the same will go for this one. It makes sense that some things need to change in order for it to make sense and flow better on screen.

The biggest change I noticed was Theresa. She's not meant to be with them throughout all of this. She gets taken away at the start of the book, and isn't in it much. I'm fine with them having more of her in the movie, but I'm hoping they don't change the role she plays in the book, in the movie. If that makes sense.

Overall though, the movie looks amazing! So, I will continue to reserve my judgment until I see it all play out on screen. Sept 18th couldn't get here soon enough!

Are you excited for The Scorch Trials movie?

Thanks for reading!!


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