OTP Spotlight: Cory and Topanga

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Show: Boy Meets World
Network: ABC
Actors: Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel


The story goes that they've been dating since they were 2 years old. Then when Cory was 10 or 11, Eric convinced him girls were yucky and they had the lost years (Season 1&2) were they weren't together but were still friends. At the start of Season 3, Cory asked Topanga to be his girlfriend and from then on they were the forever couple. They did have their on again/off again moments throughout the show, but always ended up back together. Topanga proposed to Cory at their high school graduation. They got married towards the start of the 7th, and final, season. Now, thanks to Girl Meets World, we know they are still happily married with two kids, Riley and Auggie, living in New York.

Why I love them:

They were that couple that was so fairytale in a modern show. The kind you wished you could have someday, but no couple is like them. They were each other's first everything. Who doesn't love Cory and Topanga together. Definition of a perfect TV couple!

My thoughts for them on Girl Meets World:

My childhood heart is in heaven that the show I loved is all grown up and has kids of their own. I love that Cory and Topanga have maintained their love for each other, and are proving to be the perfect parents along with still being the perfect couple. I hope to see more Cory and Topanga scenes on the show, as it is focused more on the kids, as it should be. But some more couple moments would be nice!

Did you watch Boy Meets World growing up? Did you love these two together?

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