OTP Spotlight: Spike and Buffy

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Network: WB/UPN
Actors: James Marsters and Sarah Michelle Gellar


Sworn mortal enemies to lovers to closest allies. Spike and Buffy have been through so much together. He's a vampire, she's the slayer so naturally they start off against each other, trying to kill one another. Until Spike strikes a deal with Buffy at the end of Season 2 to help stop Angelus from destroying the world. When Spike gets his chip implanted in his head where he can't hurt humans, he begins to work on Buffy's side, and eventually falling in love with her. 

Once Spike is in love, he'll do anything for them even though he's soulless, he still loves fiercely. When Buffy comes back from the dead in Season 6, the only person she feels she can really turn to is Spike. They begin an unhealthy sexual relationship that doesn't end well. Spike ends up doing the unforgivable, and tries to force himself on her. After that he's mortified with himself, and goes to fight for his soul back.  

In Season 7, he returns to Sunnydale with his soul in tact, but he's out of his mind. Later, we find out that it's because he was being controlled by the First Evil. Buffy reluctantly begins to help him, and eventually they grow closer than they've ever been. They become each other's closest ally, the person they each trust the most. By the end of the series, Buffy tells Spike that she loves him as he sacrifices himself to save the world. (Don't worry, he comes back on Angel's spinoff show).

Why I love them:

I always preferred Buffy with Spike because I love the development they went through to get to where they ended up. These two were easily my favourite characters separately on the show, so seeing them together was always fun. They had insane amount of chemistry. I loved watching Spike's transformation from bad guy to hero all because he fell in love with the Slayer. I loved watching Buffy develop her level of trust and love for him. Season 7 was my favourite season for them. I was happy that they were able to gain back the trust they had to the point where they counted on each other over everyone.

My thoughts on Comic Book Spuffy:

Buffy ended in Season 7, and continued in the form of graphic novels for Season 8 and beyond, and is currently in the 10th season. I've yet to read them, but they are on my TBR list and you will see them featured on this blog when I do. From what I'm understanding in Season 10, Spike and Buffy are now a couple and are working on their relationship as well as fighting the forces of darkness together with the gang. This makes me very happy, and I can't wait to read it all for myself..hopefully soon!!

Are you a Spuffy fan?

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