OTP Spotlight: Stiles and Lydia

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Show: Teen Wolf
Network: MTV
Actors: Dylan O'Brien and Holland Roden


Stiles has always been in love with Lydia ever since the third grade. She was the popular girl who didn't give him the time of day. It's only when Stiles' best friend starts to date the new girl and also Lydia's new best friend, Allison, that they start to get closer. Throughout the years, you see Lydia start to turn to Stiles more and more, especially when she learns about the supernatural world she's living in. She's the smartest girl in school, and he's got a detective's mind so the two of them often use their smarts to help figure out what's going on for the pack. While they haven't ever dated, (they have kissed once, her way of stopping him from having a panic attack), they have become very close. When Scott, Stiles and Allison needed to go through a ritual to help save their parents, Deaton (one of Scott's mentors) said that they need to be paired with someone who they had a strong connection with, "a kind of emotional tether", Stiles was partnered with Lydia.

Why I love them:

I always say Stiles and Lydia are the Seth and Summer (The OC) in Supernatural world. She's popular, he's not. He's loved her since third grade, she gets to know him and forms a strong bond with him. I always loved Stiles' unwavering love and devotion to her, and while we don't see it as much lately now that he's with Malia, it's still there anytime they share a scene together. I also love seeing Lydia's growing feelings towards him. While it's never really been put into words by her if she has romantic feelings for him, it's all in her actions. It's very clear that she cares very much for him. They are a slow burn couple (a little too slow in my opinion), and anytime they are on-screen together, it's electric. 

My hopes for Season 5:

I would love for these two to finally get together! We're in Season 5, we've waited long enough! I would love to see Lydia to acknowledge that she has romantic feelings for Stiles. I'm sorry to say that I am hoping for a Stalia (Stile and Malia) breakup, and from what I heard there's a very good possibility that that's happening. But I'm not hoping it's because Malia cheats, I'd actually rather it be because of Lydia. Not that he cheats on her with Lydia, I don't want any cheating involved for once on a TV show, please! But I want it to be clear that for Stiles, it'll always be Lydia. So fingers crossed!!

(Taken from the Season 5 trailer)

I'll leave you now with a video MTV posted on their YouTube page as a tribute to Stiles and Lydia.

Do you watch Teen Wolf? Are you a Stydia fan?

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