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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Now that I've decided to write blog posts on all the shows I've watched or am currently watching, I need to write a post about this one. This is my favourite childhood show, and I recently just rewatched all 7 season before getting into Girl Meets World, but forgot to do a post about it. So here we are!

First off, finding good pictures of a 90's show isn't the easiest so keep that in mind. Okay Boy Meets World, let's talk about it.

Cory Matthews; The boy the show follows. Cory was always my favourite growing up. He's funny, loyal to his friends, and always tries to do the right thing. His relationships with both Shawn and Topanga are my favourite. 

Shawn Hunter; Cory's best friend, and the bad boy of the show. Shawn didn't have the best childhood growing up in a trailer park. His mom ran out on him and his dad. His dad was always in and out of his life, never really there for him. It's his friendship with Cory that's kept him grounded and it was always fun to see these two guys truly be there for each other always.

Topanga Lawrence; Cory's girlfriend. She's smart, has good morals, and stands up for what she believes in. Her relationship with Cory was one that everyone wanted. They've been together since they were two years old. They have that forever relationship. (More on them in tomorrow's post). Topanga was the perfect role model to have growing up. 

Eric Matthews; Cory's older brother. Eric started off the show as the handsome, ladies man, older brother. As the show went on, Eric became the goofy comic relief with a heart of gold. Eric is such a great character! He's funny, dim-witted, but loves his family and his friends so much, he would do anything for them. I love his relationship with Mr. Feeny. Who doesn't love the Feeny call!!

Mr. Feeny; Everyone's favourite teacher. George Feeny was Cory's teacher and next door neighbour. Even though it doesn't make sense, he taught them from grade 6 all the way to college. He was always there to provide life lessons for anyone on the show.  

Angela Moore; Shawn's girlfriend. Angela joined the show in the 5th season as a love interest for Shawn. She's another really great character in that she was strong and stuck to what she believed in. Her and Shawn had a very on again and off again relationship, but there's no denying they were each other's first loves.

Jack Hunter; Shawn's half older brother. Another character who joined in the 5th season, it was revealed that Shawn's father, Chet, fathered another son. Shawn and Jack had a very shaky relationship throughout the series, but eventually accepted that they were brothers and formed a brotherly bond. Jack also became roommates and best friends with Eric. Their friendship was always so great. They were a comedy duo together.

I loved watching Boy Meets World growing up! It was always a fun show that taught you alot of great life lessons. It had heart, and I love that. I always didn't mention all the great supporting characters because we'd be here for a while. But this was a great show to watch growing up, and I'm so happy that came back with Girl Meets World. If you want to see my post on that show, go here.

Did you watch Boy Meets World growing up?

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