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Monday, 29 June 2015

If you were to ask me what my favourite show of all-time was, I would say Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It's been my favourite show since I was in the 7th grade, and I don't see that changing anytime soon. Who doesn't love a girly girl who's also a total badass vampire slayer. The humour, the drama, the kickass fighting scenes, what's not to love!?

Let's talk about my favourite show of all-time, shall we!

Buffy Summers; Our heroine. Buffy will always be my ultimate favourite superhero. She's everything I'd want in a superhero and role model. She's girly, funny, caring, and happens to battle the forces of evil.

Willow Rosenburg; The group's witch. Willow starts off the show as this shy, meek character and as the series goes on she grows into this tough character who learns witchcraft and goes on to become the most powerful wicca around. She even was the series big bad in Season 6, which thankfully she comes back from.

Xander Harris; The funny man. Xander is seen as the comic relief of the show, more so in the beginning, but still has his moments throughout the show. He's known as the heart of the group. He's fiercely loyal to his friends, and is always trying to help in any way he can.

Rupert Giles; The Watcher. Every slayer needs a watcher. Someone who guides her and trains with her. Giles grows to become a father figure to the gang, but mostly to Buffy. He's always there to help her in anyway he can.

Angel; The vampire with a soul. Angel starts off the series as this mysterious character who is often warning Buffy about danger to come. Eventually he and Buffy grow close, and he becomes her first love. When they sleep together for the first time, he loses his soul and goes evil. Buffy and her friends restore his soul at the end of Season 2, and he remains her love for most of Season 3 until at the end of that season when he leaves for Los Angeles (and his own spinoff show which is self-entitled, Angel).

Spike; The bad, vampire. Spike comes in Season 2 with his love, Drusilla, as the villains of the season. It's revealed throughout the series that Spike is a descendant of Angel and his sire, Darla. Spike leaves at the end of Season 2, but comes back regularly in Season 4. When he comes back, he gets captured by The Initiative (military men who hunt demons), they put a chip in his head that prevents him from harming humans. Which gets him to slowly join the Scooby gang, and fall in love with Buffy.

Dawn Summers; The little sister. Dawn joined the cast in Season 5 as Buffy's little sister. Obviously she's not really her little sister as she wasn't in the first 4 seasons. In Season 5, the villain, Glory, was a God who was banished to our world and needed a Key to open the door for her to get back to her realm. Dawn was the Key that monks had made using Buffy's blood. She starts off quite bratty, but ends up maturing in the 7th season.

Anya Jenkins; The Ex-Demon. Anya starts off in Season 3 as a Vengeance Demon who seeks out wronged woman and extracts vengeance on men. She ends up losing her powers, and gets turned back into a human. She ends up falling for Xander while she learns how to be human again. Anya is very blunt and hilarious.

Tara Maclay; The Wicca Lover. Tara joined in Season 4 when the gang went to college. She met Willow in Wicca group, and they quickly became friends and eventually lovers. Willow and Tara were the first lesbian couple to share an on-screen kiss. Tara was always very caring and nurturing towards her friends and Dawn. Sadly, she got killed off at the end of Season 6. 

There is so many other amazing characters that I haven't mentioned that make this show great. The drama, the humour, the fight sequences, this show has it all. I would recommend this show to anyone who would listen. I love it so much!!

Are you a Buffy fan? What do you love about the show?

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