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Monday, 22 June 2015

One week from today until Teen Wolf is back for a 5th Season! Because of this, I thought it was time to do a Talking TV post on this show. While I didn't really love last season, I am looking forward to this upcoming season. I plan to try and post a episode discussion every Tuesday, but I'm not making any promises. We'll just have to wait and see how the season goes.

But hopefully, there's going to be a lot of Teen Wolf on the blog this summer. So let's get started!

Scott McCall; The Teen Wolf himself. The show starts with Scott's best friend, Stiles, dragging him out into the woods to see a dead body. While out there, Scott gets bit by a werewolf and thus begins the show about a Teen Wolf. Scott's went from scared teenager to leader of his own pack. It's been amazing to see him transform into the character he is.

Stiles Stilinski; Stiles was an instant favourite of mine. He's Scott's best friend, and the Sheriff's son. Stiles is the detective of the group, often figuring out what's going on before anyone else does. He's the comic relief of the show as well, but has had his dramatic moments as well along with being possessed by an evil spirit in 3B. Basically Dylan O'Brien can handle any scene because he's perfect! Yes, he's my celebrity crush!! Because of this, I'm most excited to see what Stiles gets up to this upcoming year. 

Lydia Martin; My favourite lady! At the start of the show, Lydia's the pretty, popular girl that Stiles' is in love with, but she doesn't give him the time of day. She's also the smartest character on the show. Luckily at the end of Season 2, she found out about the supernatural world she lives in. Now she helps Stiles figure out what's going on in Beacon Hills. She also found out in Season 3 that she's a Banshee. So she's come a long way since the Season 1, and I'm looking forward to where they are going with her character. I can't wait to see them explore her Banshee powers further!

Allison Argent; Our Fallen Angel. Allison is Scott's first love which was hard at the start because her family are werewolf hunters. Allison eventually becomes a hunter herself. She's also best friends with Lydia. At the end of Season 3B, Lydia gets taken by the Nogitsune (which is a long story), but everyone rallies to find her, including Allison. She sadly died while trying to rescue Lydia, something that still upsets me to this day. 

Derek Hale; Derek is the broody character of the show who acts as a mentor to Scott. His whole family is werewolves, and sadly most of them all died in a fire set by Allison's Aunt Kate. There's not much to be said about his character. His just always their to help Scott when he needs it. Unfortunately Derek won't be in Season 5, or if he is, it will be for a very limited time.

Kira Yukimura; Kira joined the show in the second half of Season 3. While she does become a love interest for Scott, we also find out that she's a kitsune aka a fox. She's very quirky and sweet. I think she's been a great new addition to the show. Her relationship with Scott is very sweet, and I can't wait to see her character develop more in the upcoming season.

Malia Tate (Hale); Malia also joined the show in the second half of Season 3. Malia is a werecoyote on the show. When Malia was 9, she transformed into a coyote and accidentally killed her mother and sister. Because of that traumatic event, she stayed a coyote until Scott used his Alpha powers to snap her out of it. Since she was a coyote for roughly 8 years of her life, she comes across as very blunt, and socially awkward as she doesn't know how to function like a normal teenager. While I'm not a fan of her romantic relationship with Stiles (Team Stydia for me), I do like her as a character. It's revealed that she's actually adopted, and her biological father is Derek's psychotic uncle, Peter. He told her that her mother is someone known as The Desert Wolf, so this upcoming season will be about Malia finding out more about her, and I can't wait for that and how that plays out.

This show has such a great group of characters, and I love that this show started with just Scott and Stiles with Derek as a mentor to Scott now being the Alpha Wolf with his pack of friends who are all have their own set of skills. This upcoming season has been looking so good, and I've been counting down the days!!

Here's a trailer to get you excited for Season 5.

Do you watch Teen Wolf? Are you excited for Season 5 of Teen Wolf?
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