Big Brother 17 Recap: Week 1

Saturday, 4 July 2015

You may remember I mentioned a couple times that I am a huge Big Brother fan, well this is me reaffirming that. Something I wish I did last summer was do a weekly recap of the season. Since I didn't last summer, I'm going to this summer with Season 17.

My plan is to post every Friday, so I'm a day late with this one but I will try to make it work next week. I also will talk about what's really been going on in the house as I keep up with the live feeds. I'm not a fan of how the show edits things sometimes. They tend to leave things out, and give certain people a good edit when they might not deserve one.

Okay, week 1 here we go. If you want to get caught up with who all the cast members are, go here.

HOHs: James and Jason
Nominees: Steve/Jackie (James) & John/Becky (Jason)
BotB Winners: John/Becky, Jason dethroned
Have-Nots: Da'Vonne, Vanessa, Liz and Austin
Sole HOH: James
Nominees: Steve/Jackie
POV Players: James, Steve, Jackie, Becky, John, Jason
POV Winner: Steve, POV used on himself
Replacement Nominee: Jace
Evicted Houseguest: Jace, 12-1 vote

This first week of Big Brother was absolutely crazy!! So much happened went down that only half of it ended up on the show. Jace from the start was very obnoxious, and I honestly couldn't stand him. The plan was always to backdoor him and I'm glad that was executed accordingly. 

The new twist this season is called the BB Takeover. Where each week, they add new twists to the game. This week Phil Keoghan from The Amazing Race took over the BB house. His first twist was adding in two people who were on the The Amazing Race into the house, Jeff and Jackie. During the first two HOH comps of the season, two people had to sit out of the comps. Da'Vonne and Vanessa both volunteered. The second part of Phil's BB Takeover is that they are both safe from eviction, and they each get to keep another person safe for the week. Da'Vonne chose Liz and Vanessa chose Austin. Since these four are safe for the week, they all volunteered to be the first four Have-Nots of the Summer.

Let's talk Audrey and Da'Vonne for a minute. These two had an all out argument a few days ago that didn't make it on the show. Audrey got caught in a lie, and everyone found out and they had a house meeting to get to the bottom of it and everything. This resulted in Audrey holing up in bed for the whole day, defeated but would only try and talk game with anyone who checked on her. Further digging herself deeper. I find both these girls to be playing too hard, too fast. Da'Vonne is explosive! She seems to find a reason to confront everyone over every little thing. I will not be surprised if these two get evicted soon.

Twin Twist, It's back!! If you watch Season 5 of Big Brother, then you are aware of the Twin Twist. A set of twins play Big Brother as one person, if they can survive the first 5 weeks in the house without anyone suspecting them, they get to play as individuals. If you want to see how Season 5's twist played out, you can watch it here. This year, the twins are Liz and her sister, Julia. They pretend to be just Liz for now.

I have a lot of favourites so far this season. I really like John, Steve, Becky, Meg and the twins. But there's others I like as well. As the season goes on, it'll be easier to pick who I want to win and who I think will win. There's no solid alliance at the moment from what I can see. They all keep flipping and changing at the moment.

I'm sure I missed something! This week, like I said, was crazy in the BB house. 

Are you a Big Brother fan? Who are you rooting for this season?

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