Big Brother 17 Recap: Week 2

Saturday, 11 July 2015

HOHs: Becky and Shelli
Nominees: Steve/Jason (Becky) & John/Da'Vonne (Shelli)
BotB Winners: Steve/Jason, Becky dethroned
Have-Nots: Meg, James, Jason and Steve
Sole HOH: Shelli
Nominees: John/Da'Vonne
POV Players: Shelli, John, Da'Vonne, Clay, Meg, Steve
POV Winner: John, POV used on himself
Replacement Nominee: Meg
Evicted Houseguest: Da'Vonne

This week's Big Brother was another week where so much happened that I can't believe it's only week 2! I now have the feeds, so I've been glued to them this past week. Live feeds are better than the show in my opinion because you actually know what's going on rather than following the horrible edits.

I will start by saying I have a clear favourite now that I've caught up and been watching the feeds, and that's Johnny Mac. Yes, he yells in the DR! I find it hilarious!! It's funny how I tend to lean towards the guys who yell during their DR sessions. Zach Rance and Dan Gheesling are the two others that come to mind. Out of all the guys in the house, he's the nicest and funniest. He's playing an excellent social game right now. The bad side is agreeing to be a pawn and agreeing to throw the Battle of the Block. Eventually that could hurt him. Right now because it's pre-jury, it's not too bad especially because he won the Power of Veto to save himself, showing he can win competitions when he needs to. I'm hoping that in weeks to come that he steps up, and starts to win more comps, specifically when he's past the jury mark. Rooting for the Rockstar Dentist for the win!!

This week's BB Takeover was hosted by Kathy Griffin and her twist was that she would make calls to the HG's and whoever answers the 7th call will get the power to nullify 3 votes on eviction night. Da'Vonne ended up winning that and nullified Becky, Jackie and Jeff. But at this point in the game, even that couldn't save her, and she went out on a 7-2 vote.

Now on to Week 3!!

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