Big Brother 17 Recap: Week 5

Friday, 31 July 2015

HOHs: Jackie / Vanessa
Nominees: Liz/Julia / James (Jackie) & Clay/Becky (Vanessa)
BotB Winners: Liz/Julia / James, Jackie dethroned
Have-Nots: Clay, Shelli, Steve
Sole HOH: Vanessa
Nominees: Clay/Becky
POV Players: Vanessa, Becky, Clay, Liz/Julia, John, Shelli
POV Winner: Clay, POV used on himself
Replacement Nominee: Jason
Evicted Houseguest: Jason, voted out 7-2

There was no takeover this week, which I think mainly has to do with the twins entering the game as individual players. So let's forget that and talk about this crazy week!

The plan from the start was to have Austin be backdoored this week. Because of the Battle of the Block, it seems almost every week is a backdoor situation. Vanessa wanted to be dethroned because she didn't want to be the one to have to backdoor Austin. She put up two people who were suppose to be really good at comps based on their physical appearance (big mistake since I wouldn't trust Clay to win a comp since he hadn't yet). Jackie put up Liz who is Austin's closest ally and James who was meant to throw the BotB. Obviously things go wrong, Clay and Becky lose the comp and the plan fails.

My gut told me when this happened that Vanessa would chicken out and change the plan, and I was right. As soon as Clay won the POV, the plan changed and somehow Jason ended up being the main target for things that he didn't even do. She went through all the stops of coming up with anything and everything, things that didn't even matter anymore like who won the Phonebooth twist. Ultimately she went with the age old "it's a group decision" excuse which it was really a "Shelli and Clay decision" but anyways.

I'm really upset about all this because I love Jason so much!! I also do like Becky, I think if she plays her cards right, she can go far. Only problem is she's aligning with people that I hate. The Sixth Sense is a group of people who are on my last nerve! I'm tired of their constant reign over the house. They are now so arrogant that they truly believe that they will be in power all summer. I'm so ready for them to be kicked off their pedestal because at this point, it's getting boring! Shelli is the worst in my opinion. I would love nothing more than to see her go first out those 6 people. She's the reason that Jason is in the position he is in, all because people weren't overjoyed that her precious Clay won the POV when really they didn't want seem rude on Becky's behalf. That's really what it all boils down to! Of course, none of this is has been edited into the show so casual viewers have no clue how irritating she is!!

Okay enough of this, time for Johnny Mac time!

Finally a week where Johnny Mac is not nominated!! This guy has been in every competition since he walked through the BB door. So finally a week where he can just sit back and watch, right? While he did get to watch the BotB, he ended up getting picked to play in POV comp. As Johnny Mac said, "This is terrible. It's like getting called into work on the weekend". As much as he hated it, I loved it because that meant more DR sessions from the DR king himself. He came in second in the comp which was really good considering the comp was pretty much made for the football player who won it. Other than that, John hasn't had much to do this week other than reassure one of his closest allies, Becky, that she's safe.

The one thing that worries me is that other HG (mainly Shelli and Vanessa) are catching on to how good of a spot John is in in the house. They even compared him to Dan Gheesling saying he could be like Dan. I always thought he was playing a similar game to Dan's first season (BB10). But hearing them say it worries me because I don't want them to start targetting him, and for John to not realize that they are after him, as he is currently working with that side of the house. I think either way he's safe for next week, but he needs to start winning HOH's instead of just winning POV's. 

Dan Gheesling is my favourite player of all time on Big Brother, and I loved his first season when he went from guy everyone loved to guy that was dominating the game. I would love to see John take on that role! He's done the nice guy that everyone thinks is funny and everyone loves role. When jury starts, I'd love to see him step it up a notch and be the guy that's sending people to jury and doing what it takes to be the winner of this game! Johnny Mac is definitely climbing the ladder into being one of my all-time fav players with Dan. It all depends on what he does in the next few weeks!

Okay this is week's post was a lot longer than my usual. I'm excited to see what happens next week!

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