Big Brother 17 Recap: Week 3

Saturday, 18 July 2015

HOHs: Vanessa and Austin
Nominees: James/John (Vanessa) & Meg/Jason (Austin)
BotB Winners: Meg/Jason, Austin dethroned
Have-Nots: No Have-Nots (BB Takeover)
Sole HOH: Vanessa
Nominees: James/John
POV Players: Vanessa, James, John, Shelli, Austin, Audrey
POV Winner: John, POV used on himself
Replacement Nominee: Jeff
Evicted Houseguest: Jeff, voted out 7-4

When I found out Jeff was the target this week, I could not be happier! If you don't watch the live feeds like I do, then just now that he's the definition of misogynistic douchebag. He walked around acted like the women in this house owed him something, and would call them names if they didn't. Just disgusting! I will not miss him, at all.

The BB Takeover twist this week was Gronk Week. NFL star Rob Gronkowski took over the house and made it party week. No Have-Nots! But if someone didn't show up to one of his parties, then they would be have-not's. It lasted a little over 24 hours. At random times throughout the day, the party music would start and he would come over the PA system telling them where to go in the house and what kind of party it was. Overall, weak takeover but a nice break.

Each week I'm going to do a John section where I comment on his progress because like I said last week, he is my favourite! If he ends up not making it to the final 2 then whenever he goes, is when I stop watching the live feeds and just watch the show. He got put up AGAIN this week, and agreed to throwing another Battle of the Block which I wasn't happy about. Turned out he didn't even need to throw as his partner was so terrible. I'm just tired of John risking his game this way, for people who so clearly don't care about his game in the long run. They may offer him deals and such, but when he's not around, they make it clear to me that they will sacrifice him if need be, and that is not okay with me. I hope that John steps up soon, and wins an HOH and makes the people who put him up, sweat a little bit. We shall see! I'm still rooting for the Rockstar Dentist all the way!!!

Okay, week 3 done! Onwards to Week 4!

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