OTP Spotlight: Bellamy and Clarke

Friday, 3 July 2015

Show: The 100
Network: CW
Actors: Bob Morley and Eliza Taylor


They started off the show on opposite sides. Bellamy viewed Clarke as one of the privileged while Clarke didn't agree with the decisions Bellamy was making and the way he was leading some of the kids. Eventually throughout the first season, they grow to work together and begin to respect one another. By the end of the season they are co-leaders of the group, and see each other as friends.

In Season 2, they are separated at the beginning until Clarke escapes the Mountain and joins up with him and their people. They continue to lead together, and look out for one another. In the season finale, they ended up killing all of the mountain people including children and people who helped them escape together. When they get back to the camp, Clarke decides to leave the group and set off on her own despite Bellamy asking her not to and that they were in this together.

Why I love them:

Before I ever watched the show, these two were always all over my tumblr dashboard. So I was already curious about them, and as I watched the show I could see why they were such a popular ship. The chemistry is electric, even when they were on opposite but more so once they came together as friends and co-leaders. I love how they always look out for one another, and have this mutual respect for each other.

My hope for them in Season 3:

I hope Bellamy ends up going to look for her even though she said she didn't know where she was going to go. I mainly just want these two to share more scenes together since there wasn't enough last season, in my opinion. Any kind of scene will do as these two have so much chemistry. Of course, I'd love to see them go in a romantic direction, but we'll just have to see if they ever go there.

Do you watch The 100? Are you a Bellarke fan?

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