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Thursday, 2 July 2015

I've always been interested in The 100 because I love dystopian, but I never got around to watching it until now. Over the last few days, I watched the first two seasons on Netflix and now I'm hooked and can't wait until Season 3!!

So of course, new show means new post talking about the characters. Here we go!

Clarke Griffin; From the beginning, Clarke is established in the leadership role. Her mom is a part of the Ark's council and is the Ark's doctor, so Clarke is well known amoung the 100. Throughout the series, she makes the hard decisions and does everything she can to help and save her people.  

Bellamy Blake; When The 100 land on the ground, Bellamy believes he killed the chancellor so he does everything he can to make sure the Ark thinks they are all dead so that no-one can come after him. This makes him seem like kind of a bad guy in the beginning, but he also establishing himself as a leader with the other kids who don't want people from the Ark to come to the ground. As the series goes on, he comes to terms with what he did. He continues being a leader with Clarke and doing what he can for his people.

Finn Collins; Finn is the peacekeeper of the group. He's always trying to be the voice of reason, and looking for ways to keep the peace between his people and the grounders. Finn and Clarke form an immediate connection, and end up sleeping together. Unbeknownst to Clarke, Finn has a girlfriend on the Ark, Raven. When Raven comes to the ground, Clarke is heartbroken and it causes tension between them. Eventually Finn and Raven break up because Finn has fallen in love with Clarke. When Finn believes the grounders have Clarke, he stops at nothing to get her back including killing them mercilessly. This ultimately leads to his death. Clarke learns that the grounders plan to torture Finn before killing him, so Clarke ends up killing him to save him from that.

Octavia Blake/Lincoln; Octavia is Bellamy's little sister. On the Ark you're only allowed to have one child as there's not enough oxygen up their for everyone to have more than one. Because of this, Bellamy and his mom had to hid Octavia from the Ark. One day when Bellamy sneaks her out so she can have fun, she ends up getting caught which leads her to become one of the 100.

Lincoln is a grounder who quickly grows fond of Octavia and ends up saving her life. When he gets captured by Bellamy and the others, Octavia ends up doing what she has to to save him. Their love for each other is so strong that they would and have gone against their own people for each other. Octavia trains to be a grounder, and where it stands now, these two aren't leaving each other's side anytime soon.

Jasper Jorden/Monty Green; Best Friends for life! These two provide the comic relief and have an epic bromance completely with their own hand shake. Jasper is always looking to get in with the leaders, and fight for his people while Monty is very good with technology and helps as much as he can in that area. These two get taken to Mount Weather together, and while there, Jasper falls for a girl named Maya. When Clarke and the others come to rescue them, they end up killing everyone of the Mountain people to do it, including Maya. Monty helps Clarke and Bellamy do it by using his computer skills. Because of all this, I suspect there's going to be some tension for these BFF's in Season 3.

Raven Reyes; Clarke's mom, Abby, goes to Raven to fix up a pod that can get them to the ground because Raven is a really good mechanic. She ends up getting it working, but has to go without Abby due to unfortunate circumstance. Once on the ground, Raven quickly joins the 100 and becomes their mechanic, fixing the radio and making bullets and bombs. Wick, an engineer on the Ark, makes it to the ground in Season 2, and they end up working together and eventually sleeping together. Raven is a very guarded person, so it was nice to see her start to let her guard down with him. I'm interested to see what their relationship is like in Season 3.

The adults (Marcus Kane, Abby Griffin and Thelonious Jaha); These three are the leaders of the Ark. Thelonious was the original chancellor, and the one who ordered the 100 to the ground. Marcus is a kind of right hand man, and does what he can to keep the peace. Abby, Clarke's mom, is the Ark's doctor and she will go against the law to do what's right. Heading into Season 3, Marcus and Abby are with all the Ark people and the 100 after rescuing their people from the Mountain at Camp Jaha. I personally ship Marcus and Abby, so we'll see if they ever get together or not. Thelonious left to find the city of light with John Murphy (one of the 100 kids), and when he got there, he meant a woman who is digital (I can't even begin to try and explain it), and she wants him to help fix the missile that he came to the ground in.

I fell in love with this show! If you love the dystopian genre, then give this show a watch. It's so good with a balance of action, and drama, and great character relationships. I can't wait for Season 3 now that I'm all caught up. I do wish the seasons were longer. But I just ready that it's got another mid-season slot and won't be back until the spring of next year which really sucks!! But this show is so good, I might rewatch it all again when it gets closer to the Season 3 premiere

Do you watch The 100? What do you love about it?

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