Big Brother 17 Recap: Week 6

Saturday, 8 August 2015

HOH: James
Nominees: Shelli & Clay
Have-Nots: Austin, Liz & Julia
POV Players: James, Shelli, Clay, Becky, Vanessa, Jackie
POV Winner: James, veto not used
Replacement Nominee: N/A
Evicted Houseguest: Clay, voted out 9-0

The twins came into the game as independent players this week, so the game was reset and Battle of the Block ended. So from this point on, only a sole HOH would be crowned and to kick it off, they did their first endurance comp. It was the wall comp where you stand a small space against a wall and hold on while sporadically turn on the rain, or have a fake bird fly into their chest, but mainly they would occasionally tilted the wall forward and that's when people would slip off.

It came down to James, Shelli and Johnny Mac in the end. James made a deal with Shelli to not nominate or backdoor her or Clay, and he extended that deal to John. At that point, John dropped almost immediately and Shelli jumped off right after, making James the first sole HOH of the summer. He went back on his deal with Shelli and Clay since they weren't truthful with him the week before when Jason went home. James also won POV and kept the noms the same, insuring that the power couple be spilt up just before jury starts.

Clay fell on his sword for Shelli and asked to be evicted, so he went unanimously. He was the last pre-juror to be evicted. Julie announced that jury begins now, and that even if you're evicted, you're game isn't over or something along those lines implying that a jury member will come back, just like last year. They then begin their second endurance comp. This time it was the slip and slide one. Where they have a tiny cup and have to transfer water back and fourth on the slippery lanes and deposit it into a giant bowl on the other end of the lane. Whoever fills their bowl first, wins HOH.

Okay, Johnny Mac time!! My favourite time!

Obviously I love Johnny Mac, but my word he frustrated me this past week. His allegiance to Clay and Shelli is a real hindrance to his game. To the point where no-one wants to work with him long term because of it. As much as he likes to be an "independent player", that's not going to get him far in this game. I love that him and Becky have stepped up the game talk recently, but I wish he would step away from the Clay/Shelli side and join Becky with her side of James/Jackie/Meg. Those 5 together could go far in this game, but instead because he's so loyal to Clay/Shelli, James/Jackie/Meg don't trust him. He needs to start stepping it up, especially now that jury started. But my biggest worry is that he'll win HOH and go after the wrong people. So as you can see, it's a very frustrating time! Especially because he unintentionally got into a fight with Vanessa. I won't get into it since it will most likely be in tomorrow's episode, but it was another one of Vanessa's crazy antics. The positive is that it sparked a fire in Johnny Mac that we hadn't seen yet. So I'm looking forward to seeing him step up his game, and hopefully start to gravitate to the other side with Becky and gain the others trust more.

Okay week 6 is done! Here's to Week 7!!

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