Big Brother 17 Recap: Week 7

Sunday, 16 August 2015

HOH: Becky
Nominees: Shelli & Steve
Have-Nots: James, Jackie & Meg
POV Players: Becky, Shelli, Steve, Vanessa, Austin, Meg
POV Winner: Steve, used it on himself
Replacement Nominee: Vanessa
Evicted Houseguest: Shelli, voted out 8-0


HOH: Steve
Nominees: Jackie & Meg
Have-Nots: N/A
POV Players: Steve, Jackie, Meg, John, James, Vanessa
POV Winner: John, veto not used
Replacement Nominee: N/A
Evicted Houseguest: Jackie, 6-1

The BB Takeover has officially been cancelled, so that was a complete flop of a twist. Won't have to mention that anymore!

This week started off as a really good week and ended up so bad! My favourite girl in the house in Becky so I was so happy when she won HOH this week and set a plan in motion to backdoor Vanessa. I'm sorry if you're a fan of hers, but I can't stand her! Her constant crying and lying game is old and I'm beyond over it. 

Last week when James was HOH, Vanessa orchestrated a meeting in the HOH with herself and 7 other people to get them to nominate whoever stays out of Clay and Shelli and John and use Steve as a replacement nomination if needed. She went around the room making everyone give her their word that they would do this! Becky never gave her word that she would follow through with this plan because she doesn't like when people force her word from her, and I don't blame her.

So when Becky becomes HOH, she pretends to go with the plan but instead of putting up John, she put up Steve because she's closer aligned with John. She lied to Vanessa about her plan this week, not wanting Vanessa to know she was the target. When Steve won the veto, Becky went through with her plan and backdoored Vanessa. All was going fine until Becky's group (James, Meg, and Jackie) decided to change the target 2 nights before eviction. Next thing we knew, Shelli was the target and there was nothing Becky could do to change their minds. 

Which brings us to Thursday night, Double Eviction night. Shelli gets evicted on a 8-0 vote, and is the first member of jury. Steve then won HOH and decided to throw a curveball and nominated Meg and Jackie. His plan was most likely to backdoor Becky, but John won the POV and since he is close to Becky and didn't want to risk her getting up as a replacement nominee, he didn't use the Veto. The house then sent out Jackie on a 6-1 vote, making her the second member of jury. The silver lining is that there will be a jury buyback this year, so both of these ladies have a chance to come back into the game. 

Johnny Mac time!! My favourite time!

John seems to be losing allies left and right, and it's turning him into a sad panda which makes me sad! Because Becky, his closest ally in the house, was HOH this week, he started off the week great. His second closest ally was Shelli, and everything went downhill when the target switched to her. So things weren't looking good for him by the end of this week. He needs a team!! You can't win this game alone as Dan Gheesling would say. Good thing is John won his 3rd POV, making him have the most Veto wins this season so far. If he keeps this up, he can set some records before the season is over. Making him the Veto King of BB17! I hope things start looking up for him soon, gamewise!!

Onwards to Week 8! 

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