Big Brother 17 Recap: Week 9

Saturday, 29 August 2015

HOH: Austin
Nominees: Steve & John
Have-Nots: N/A
POV Players: Austin, Steve, John, Meg, Julia, Vanessa
POV Winner: Vanessa, not used
Replacement Nominee: N/A
Evicted Houseguest: John, voted out 5-0

I just want to stress that this week has been the worst week by far for me personally!!!

The HOH competition was one I hadn't seen on Big Brother before so that was refreshing. Unfortunately the guy who won it has alliances with every person in the house, and unfortunately he chose to target John and Steve, putting my favourite in jeopardy. For the first time this summer, Johnny Mac was being put on the block as a potential target instead of a pawn. The target was still up in the air if it was going to be him or Vanessa.

Zingbot was back for the Veto competition. The Zings were pretty tame this year, other than Liz and Austin's. Zingbot basically called Austin trash, and for Liz they got called out for Austin cheating on his girlfriend. The competition itself was the face morph competition. Vanessa ended up winning the Veto, taking away that option as a target. But Vanessa took this opportunity to build a bridge with Johnny Mac. She wanted to use the veto on him and tried to get James or Meg nominated, but Austin wasn't having it. So the veto wasn't used and John became the official target for the week for Austin.

But this week, the house flipped back and fourth so many times that the target kept bouncing between John and Steve all week, all the way up until eviction day. Both nominees put in a solid effort, but as usual with this house, people are playing it safe and decided to do what the HOH wanted. So John was sent out on a unanimous vote. Luckily for him and the other 3 jurors (Shelli, Jackie and Becky) that it was time to do the jury buyback competition. This year they combined the buyback comp with the HOH competition. So it was another battle of endurance where they all compete, whoever is the last standing between the 4 jurors will be the one to return to the game, and whoever is left out of everyone will be the new HOH.

The episode ended on them battling it out. Since I watch the live feeds, I already know who won HOH and who won the jury buyback. But I'll leave that for next week's post.

Let's have Johnny Mac time for possibly the last time!

Have I mentioned how hard this week was on me!! Because it was the absolute worst. Every time the target flipped back to John, I would get anxious and sad. I think if he had just been the target all along I could have made my peace with it. But it was literally every day from Saturday-Thursday that he kept having this possibility of staying. I didn't like that he waited until Thursday morning to start campaigning hard to James and Meg. But I get why he waited, and why he campaigned the way he did. It was actually really good now that I can reflect back. He fought hard to stay, and almost flipped the votes. But ultimately it wasn't enough. But he has a very good shot at coming back into the game with the jury buyback comp. So watch tomorrow's episode to find out if he's back or not!

That's all for this week! I'm so glad it's over because that was the toughest week of Big Brother by far for me. Here's to a new week!!

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