Man Crush Monday: Johnny Mac (BB17)

Monday, 3 August 2015

This summer I've gone full on Big Brother addict, and in large part it's because of this guy! Who doesn't love Johnny Mac right now? He singlehandedly makes this season for me personally. His lay low, get everyone to love him strategy is working for him right now. His loud DR's are golden, by far the best this season. I'm ready for him to kick it up a notch, start winning HOH's and solidifying himself in the house. You can only lay low for so long before people catch on. I'm ready for John the gamer to come out to play!

With that said, let me tell you why he is the ideal guy in my eyes. It's almost scary how many boxes he ticks off when it comes to my idea of the perfect man! I'm not someone who is interested in big beefcake guys who are all about their looks, in fact I can't stand guys like that. Guys like Clay are a hard pass in my eyes.

When it comes to the perfect person, I believe personality is the most important, but looks do matter. You have to be physically attracted to someone to want to be with them. Anyone who says looks don't matter is lying. It's just all based on what your type is! Not everyone likes people who are by society standards perfect looking ie. a Clay or a Shelli.

Let's go down the list of the perfect guy in my opinion! (I promise this isn't me trying to describe John. This is genuinely my list. I wrote it down once and if I could find it, I would have provided proof).

  • Nice smile
  • Lean built (I don't like big bulky guys. Don't like scrawny either.)
  • Short cut hair (don't like long hair on guys)
  • Hair/Eye colour doesn't matter to me (I do prefer blonde hair/blue eyes though)
That's about it in the looks department. As far as age goes, I like when a guy is around my age. I would prefer if he was older or my age, but I say I have a 5 year limit younger or older. So I like that John is a year older than I am.

  • Fun, goofy, overall great sense of humour
  • Nice and considerate
  • Easy-going, doesn't take things too seriously
That's it! My ideal man. So I was thrown when I started watching the show and the live feeds and discovered a dentist from Scranton, PA who fits the bill. Too bad I'm a girl from Ontario, Canada! But that's okay because I'm really just happy to be a fan of his, and watch how he plays this game that I love. I think it's great that he has this huge fanbase that I'm sure he's not expecting to have! It's going to be exciting to see his reaction when he gets out of the house. I honestly think if he doesn't win the game that he's a lock for America's Favourite Player. Almost every poll that I vote on, he's always in the lead on a weekly basis. Team Johnny Mac FTW!!!

For anyone who wants to follow John on Twitter and Instagram, I'll leave you the details. They are both currently being run by one of his friends. Go follow him!!
I'm looking forward to seeing what's in store for John in this game. For now I'm just enjoying my summer with Johnny Mac! But I'm rooting for him to win the whole thing!!

Are you a Big Brother fan? Are you loving Johnny Mac as much as I am?? Let me know in the comments!

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