Big Brother 17 Recap: FINALE

Saturday, 26 September 2015


  • Part 1: Vanessa
  • Part 2: Steve
  • Part 3: Steve
Evicted (3rd Place): Vanessa
Runner Up: Liz
Winner: Steve

Big Brother 17 is officially over! I didn't think I'd actually blog about the entire season, but when your favourite makes it all the way until almost the end, it's a good motivator. Of course once Johnny Mac was evicted last week, I cared significantly less but I figured I'll finish this off since I've come this far. Let's talk about the finale!

Part 1 of the Final HOH competition was very similar to BB14's, where you sit on a wooden disc and alternate between getting dunked into cold water and slammed against a wall. This ended up being the longest endurance competition of the summer with almost 4 hours long. Steve fell first around the 3 and a half hour mark. After he fell, Vanessa started her intimation tactic on Liz which ended up working and Liz dropped about 10 minutes afterwards awarding Vanessa Part 1 and she automatically advanced to Part 3.

The jury roundtable was hosted by Dr. Will again which is always nice because he's the best! Austin, of course, was the worst person there. His bitterness was gross and I'm so glad I never have to see this guy again. Everyone else was giving valid points all across the board about all 3 finalists. 

Part 2 is a mix of mental and physical. This one was in the form of a giant crossword puzzle. Steve ended up beating Liz by 3 minutes. Which brings us to Part 3, Vanessa vs Steve. Part 3 is always jury statements. Steve has a 1 point lead for a while then Vanessa ended up tying it and it came down to the final juror, Johnny Mac's statement. Steve ended up getting the answer correct, and did the only smart thing left to do, he evicted Vanessa knowing there was no way to beat her in the end.

The jury statements for Liz and Steve were really good, much better than last year! It was clear who was going to win then. Steve's answers were well thought out and valid whereas Liz just kept saying she campaigned for herself sometimes and she really wanted the was embarrassing, let's just leave it at that. Came time for the vote, and Steve ended up winning a 6-3 vote.

Votes for Steve: John, James, Meg, Becky, Jackie, Shelli
Votes for Liz: Vanessa, Austin, Julia

America's Favourite Houseguest was the part I was most looking forward as I put in a lot of work for Johnny Mac to win it. But something weird happened with the voting this year. The site wouldn't work for a day and a half, when it did it was sometimes unlimited and sometimes wouldn't count all 20 votes. Either way, all my efforts amounted to nothing as John lost to James. But I'm still happy for James, he was entertaining and I can see why he won it. John was in the Top 3 with Jason so I was happy about that!

Time to talk about my favourite houseguest, one last time! Johnny Mac time!!

I am truly going to miss this guy!! My entire summer was dedicated to him, so it's been weird this last week to not go on the feeds to see what he was doing every day. Some didn't fully understand his gameplay, and yes at times it was questionable, but I got it and I liked it. I saw so many people online say that he didn't have a clue what he was going on in the house, which I would always defend that he knew exactly what was going on, he just didn't know what he could do about it. It's hard to make the moves you want without winning an HOH, and it's not like he didn't try. I can't even tell you how many comps he came in second for! Something I'm sure he was equally if not more so frustrated about. He did make some bad moves throughout the summer, but it still got him to Final 4 so it worked for him. I still wish he had evicted Steve at Final 5, everything would have been different but there was no way of knowing. 

One thing you can't deny, he was the most entertaining in the DR out of all the other HGs. All the other houseguests were either scripted or just too straightforward where as Johnny Mac was loud, energetic and hilarious! Being the DR King has it's downfall as he was called to the DR so many times through out the day that other HG started thinking he was a twist. That was frustrating as a fan to see them talk about getting him out because of it. I know it was one of the reasons Austin targeted him the week John was evicted the first time, but luckily he came right back in and that became less of an issue.  Although it was hilarious when Steve finally told him that he could hear him in the DR and asked if he was a twist. I'm surprised they didn't show that on the show, it was really funny!

It was so much fun watching Johnny Mac play this game this summer! He's become one of my all-time favourites, and I would love to see him play again. I would gladly dedicate another summer to him if he came back. I know from watching the feeds that he said he got the experience and he wouldn't do it again, but I hope he reconsiders. He did say in his backyard interview with Jeff that he might come back if asked, but I don't know if he was just saying that or if he meant it. I guess we'll have to wait and see. All I know is I'm honestly going to miss the Rockstar Dentist!!

And that's a wrap on Big Brother 17!

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