Big Brother 17 Recap: Week 10

Saturday, 5 September 2015

HOH: Vanessa
Nominees: Meg & James
Have-Nots: John, Meg, James, Julia
POV Players: Vanessa, Meg, James, Julia, Austin, Liz
POV Winner: James, used on himself
Replacement Nominee: Julia
Evicted Houseguest: ???, voted out 


HOH: Liz
Nominees: John & James
Have-Nots: N/A
POV Players: Liz, John, James, Steve, Austin, Julia
POV Winner: Julia, not used
Replacement Nominee: N/A
Evicted Houseguest: James, voted out 4-0


The four returning jurors (Shelli, Jackie, Becky, John) all competed to get back in the game, and John outlasted them all in the HOH competition, earning him his spot back in the game after being evicted 10 minutes prior to the comp. It came down to him vs Vanessa for HOH, which Vanessa won. A few hours before John was evicted, Vanessa asked John if he would work with her if he came back in the house, and he agreed he would. So now that he's back and she's HOH, they teamed up with Steve and made a Final 3 deal. Because of this new secret alliance, John was safe for the week despite Austin and the twins pushing for him to be nominated and sent right back to jury.

Meg and James, the best friend duo, was nominated instead mainly because they were the only two who didn't have a deal with Vanessa. James was the target, but in a Hide and Seek Veto competition, he won by hiding his veto the best in the house. With James coming off the block, Vanessa was forced to find a replacement nominee and was pressured all sides to put up John, but Vanessa suck to her gut in wanting to break up James and Meg, and keep her secret alliance member safe, so she ended up putting up Julia on the block.

For the first time, one of the twins was on the block for eviction night. Something that was up to debate amongst the BB community and some of the houseguests. John wanted to take the shot at them, but didn't want to mess up his new alliance with Vanessa. He did question if he should flip the vote with Steve, something that Steve agonized about all the way up until eviction day. Ultimately Steve deemed it too risky, and the boys voted out Meg. 

Now we get into Double Eviction time! After Meg left, they went straight into the HOH competition, a True/False about pictures shown to them about past HG's, Liz ended up winning. She nominated James and John with James being the target. They go into the POV competition which was a crapshoot comp, they had to throw a ball on what looked like a boomerang and they had to shots, whatever the numbers added up to after two shots was your score. Julia ended up winning it and decided to honour her sister's nominations by not using the veto. James was then voted out on a 4-0 vote.

Okay Johnny Mac time!

First off, I was so happy that he won the jury buyback! To make it even better, he was safe all week which was a nice break after going through a week of hell. Although I will admit those few days were Vanessa was being pressured to put him up on the block had me worried, but it all worked out. Now to get to the whole vote debate. Fans on social media are not happy with Steve and John's decision to not vote Julia out. I was a little disappointed as well, but I get why they didn't vote her out. It was the safe route, and it probably paid off considering what happened during the double eviction. Let's assume Liz still would have won that competition, James would no longer have been her target, it would have shifted to Steve and John. There's no way of knowing how Meg would have done in both competitions, but if history is any indication, she wouldn't have done well. So either Austin or Liz might have won that POV instead and then Steve or John would have gone to jury, leaving the other one in a tight spot. 

This game is a lot harder than it looks! Something as simple and obvious to us viewers isn't as clear cut in the Big Brother house. Sometimes you have to take risks in there. The vote was a risk that paid off as they both survived a double eviction.

While we're on the subject of bad decisions, Austin and the twins deciding to keep John safe over James just goes to show that John is a good Big Brother player. When he walked back in that house, those three wanted nothing more than to get rid of him again. But this week, John put in the work and stepped up his social game with them. He mended fences and got back in their good graces so much that they decided to keep him. Bad decision on their part, but I'm not complaining!!

So as of now, John is back and safe! He made Final 6, and has a chance in this game. Whether he ends up getting to the end, or wins America's Favourite Player (which I will be voting like a mad woman for him), I will always be rooting for him that will never change, no matter what. 

Okay onwards to Week 11!

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