Big Brother 17 Recap: Week 11

Saturday, 12 September 2015

HOH: Steve
Nominees: Liz & Austin
Have-Nots: N/A
POV Players: Steve, Liz, Austin, John, Vanessa, Julia
POV Winner: Austin, used on himself
Replacement Nominee: Julia
Evicted Houseguest: Julia, voted out 3-0

Going into this week, it was 3 vs 3 with Austwins on one side and Vanessa/John/Steve on the other. The HOH competition was a puzzle where you had to identify which houseguest was missing from BB baseball trading cards. The person who came in last each round would be eliminated. It came down to John vs Steve. Before the HOH comp, John told Vanessa and Steve that if it came down to him vs one of them that he was going to throw it to them so that he could play in next week's comp because it will most likely be physical. So when it was down to the two boys, John threw it to Steve.

Steve originally wanted to nominate the twins, but Vanessa told him to leave the weakest player (Julia) off the block going into the POV comp. John then backed up this idea, but added that Austin should be the target because Vanessa and Austin are most likely working together. So with that nominations were set. 

The POV was another knockout competition. Jessie (BB10/BB11) hosted the comp. One at a time, the order of players were picked and in order had to step up and pick a person to compete against. Then they had to spin 15 times and then run to their bowling ramp and try to knock down 4 pins in 15 seconds. If you didn't knock all 4 down, you had to go back and spin again 15 times. The person who knocks down all 4 pins first advances to the next round and then other person is eliminated. 

First round: Liz challenged Steve and won, Steve is eliminated.
Second round: Julia challenged Austin and lost, Julia is eliminated.
Third round: John challenged Liz and won, Liz is eliminated.
Fourth round: Vanessa challenged Austin and lost, Vanessa is eliminated.
Final round: John vs Austin. John is eliminated. Austin wins POV.

During the POV, Vanessa manipulated Julia to challenge Austin which set Austin off which was throughly embarrassing might I add! But when John noticed the riff between Austin and everyone, he decided to use that to his advantage and threw the POV to Austin. After the comp, everyone was fighting minus John and Steve. Ultimately it all lead to Austin using the veto on himself and Julia becoming the replacement nominee.

While Liz is the obvious target, Vanessa declared early on that she would let the twins decide and she would do what they want, thinking that they would let Julia stay in the game. The twins decided that Liz needs to stay, throwing Vanessa off at first. But she decided to follow through with what they want. Austin was obviously always going to vote for Liz to stay, so John had no choice but to go with the majority as his vote didn't really matter and he couldn't care less either way. The show's edit made Vanessa look like the mastermind when really she was all over the place all week and was a mess on the feeds. Funny what editing can do when they predictably pick who they obviously want to win.

Whatever, it's Johnny Mac time! My favourite time!!

This was an easy week for Johnny Mac! With Steve in charge, he had no worries of going on the block regardless of what happened. People were upset that he threw both competitions, but as a fan of his, I both understood why he did it and supported him like I always do. This week there was no benefit to his game to win either competition. With Steve being the one to take the first shot at Austwins, it put a big target on Steve's back and minimized the target on John and quite frankly it's time that Steve got a target on his back. As for the Veto, yes it would have been nice to see John win another Veto so that it would build up his BB resume, but this was a veto that he didn't necessarily need to win especially when Julia was eliminated. For John, there was benefits to all three leaving so he really didn't care which one was the target at the end of the day! He's in Final 5 regardless!! Pretty good for someone who was nominated 7 times and was evicted once!

We're coming to the end of the season, things are going to start speeding up. This is the last normal week of Big Brother. I'm ready for the season to end to be honest. Although I will miss my daily dose of Johnny Mac, I'm ready to get my life back to normal. 

See you next week!!

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