Big Brother 17 Recap: Week 12

Friday, 18 September 2015

Final 5 Eviction (Tuesday)

HOH: Vanessa
Nominees: John & Steve
Have-Nots: N/A
POV Players: Vanessa, John, Steve, Austin, Liz
POV Winner: John, used on himself
Replacement Nominee: Austin
Evicted Houseguest: Austin, voted out 2-1 (Vanessa broke the tiebreaker)

Final 4 Eviction (Wednesday)

HOH: Steve
Nominees: John & Vanessa
Have-Nots: N/A
POV Players: Steve, John, Vanessa, Liz
POV Winner: Vanessa, used on herself
Replacement Nominee: Liz
Evicted Houseguest: John, Vanessa was the sole vote to evict

This week went from the best eviction of the season to the worst for me. I've been waiting since week 5 when Austin was suppose to be backdoored instead of Jason for this guy to walk out the door. So that was sweet justice on Tuesday night, but then Wednesday came and out went my favourite player for the second time. Let's talk about how it all went down.

A battle of endurance started in the form of the egg competition. It's where you have to stick your fingers through a fence and transfer one egg from one end to the other without dropping it, the first to transfer 10 eggs wins. Vanessa dominated the competition, but Johnny Mac yet again came very close to winning it and came in second again. Vanessa's a very unpredictable person, and I already had a feeling she was going to go after John the moment she won HOH. So while I was disappointed, I wasn't surprised.

Once John was nominated, he made a pitch to Austin and Liz that he would throw the veto to them if they voted to keep him over Steve. Something he was legitimately going to do until he noticed during the competition that Steve was getting close to winning so he decided to win it for himself, and just won his 4th POV like it was nothing. 

So once he used the veto on himself, Austin went up on the block, and it seemed like a done deal. Enter Johnny Mac being very confusing with where his vote was going to the point that even I didn't know what he was going to do, and I got pretty good at knowing and understanding everything he did this summer. There was advantages to evicting both houseguests, but ultimately he ended up evicting Austin forcing a tie and leaving it in Vanessa's hands and she finished Austin off. (More on Johnny Mac's dilemma below).

After Austin's eviction, they went into the Final 4 HOH competition which was where they would show clips of past HG's and would bleep out a word. Julie would then say what the word was and you had to answer if that was True or False. It came down to John vs Steve in a tiebreaker question. John went over so it went to Steve. Yet again, second place for JMac and 0 HOH's this summer, this one was especially hard because it would have guaranteed him Final 3.

Steve made his nominations of John and Vanessa which don't really matter considering it all comes down to who wins the POV. One thing those nominations did was make John set a record for most nominations in a season, beating Victoria (BB16) and Spencer (BB15) who were nominated 8 times, Johnny Mac was nominated 9 times during BB17.

POV was hosted by Beastmode Cowboy (Caleb) from BB16. It was the Days comp where they were told an event in the house, and they had to guess the correct date. They had two lifelines in the game. If they came in last twice, they were eliminated from the competition. Again it came down to John vs Vanessa, but Vanessa ended up winning it which meant John was pretty much screwed. Which is why come eviction night, it was no surprise that Vanessa ended Johnny Mac's came at Final 4.

Now we are left with Steve, Liz and Vanessa as our Final 3. So we'll see how that plays out in the finale next week!

Johnny Mac time! (talk about his choice to evict Steve. reference F2 screwing him over)

While the show made it seem like it was all Vanessa's doing (like they always do) with getting rid of Austin instead of Steve. It was all John! He's the one who told Steve that he has to get Vanessa to approach him with keeping Steve and not the other way around or he couldn't keep him. Vanessa then approached him later that day and tried to "convince" John that they needed to keep Steve. It was all brilliant work on John's part, but of course it wasn't portrayed on the show as the show is clearly trying to portray Vanessa as this mastermind that is predicted to win.

I want to talk a bit about the advantages of John voting to evict Steve would have been because I do agree that ended up being a mistake. Three times in this game John's Final 2 with Steve ended up screwing up his game, both times he was evicted it was because of it, and had he not won POV at Final 5, he would have been evicted then because of it. It's extremely frustrating as a fan of John's because I know he was never loyal to Steve until he had to be! Which was Week 8 when he knew he was losing Becky who was his #1 closest ally. But yet this Final 2 with Steve never once effected Steve's game, if anything John was used as a shield for him while John got the brunt end of the deal. So I saw the advantage of John severing that and evicting Steve. 

But the disadvantages outweighed the advantages. The disadvantages was going to Final 4 with a showmance (there's no way of knowing how Austin would have done in that HOH comp). Another disadvantage was if he cut Steve, he'd lose someone who would take him to Final 2 no matter what whereas with the other 3, he would have to win out and take himself there.

I'm truly going to miss Johnny Mac! It's only been a day and I feel weird not going on the feeds to watch him. But I'll write more about him and what he did for me this summer in next week's final Big Brother post for the year.

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