Addicted to YouTube: Part 1

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

I've always liked YouTube and what it offers, but I didn't properly get into YouTube until about 2 years ago. By that I mean subscribing to YouTubers and checking my sub box on a daily basis. It's now become a part of my daily routine, so I thought I would share some of my favourite YouTubers and how I found them.

There's a lot of YouTubers that I'm subscribed to that I think I'm going to have to break this down into parts and make it a bit of a series on my blog. But make sure to check out all these amazing YouTubers if you haven't already, and subscribe to them if you like. These people make my day everyday. 

Zoe Sugg
YouTube channel(s): Zoella | MoreZoella

Zoe's channel is what started it all for me. It's through her videos that I found a lot of my other favourites (word of warning it's mainly the British YouTube crew). I was on tumblr, and saw one of those posts that give you a load of links for tips on different things, and Zoe's channel was linked in that post for make-up tips.

I immediately connected with Zoe because we have a very similar personality and have a lot in common. I've been watching Zoe's videos for a little over 2 years now, and it's been amazing to watch her channel(s) grow and all she's accomplished and continues to accomplish.

Joe Sugg
YouTube channel(s): ThatcherJoe | ThatcherJoeVlogs |

Through Zoe's videos, I then discovered her younger brother, Joe and immediately loved him! How can you not!! LOOK AT HIM! Joe is my favourite YouTuber above everyone else. His videos instantly make me happy. Whenever I'm going through a tough time or if my anxiety is really bad, I put on Joe's videos and he never fails to make me smile. Whether that's his main channel videos, vlogs or gaming videos, all of them are amazing!

Joe is not only extremely good-looking (and he is!), but he has an amazing personality and that's what stands out the most in his videos. He has an amazing sense of humour that is similar to mine which is nice. He's super talented with his voice impressions, singing and ability to do a wide variety of different accents. I could honestly go on and on about how much I love Joe, and how much him and his videos have helped me through these past 2 years.

Alife Deyes
YouTube channel(s): PointlessBlog | PointlessBlogVlogs | PointlessBlogGames

Alfie is Zoe's boyfriend (like I said, a lot of my favourites are connected to Zoe). When I started watching YouTube in September 2013, Zalfie was just confirmed a month before, but as I was new to these YouTubers, I remember still not knowing for sure when I started watching until I found Zoe's blog post about them.

I love Alfie because you can tell how much he genuinely cares about his viewers. He works hard to make sure that his viewers are happy, and it shows in his videos.

Louise Pentland
YouTube channel(s): SprinkleOfGlitter | SprinkleOfChatter

Found Louise's channel through (surprise, surprise) Zoe's channel. Louise is Zoe's best friend (or chummy as they would say). I instantly loved Louise! She is such an infectious person, if that makes any sense. When you watch her videos, you just laugh when she laughs, you smile with her and you cry when she cries (which isn't often, but you know what I mean). She just has this way of making you feel like you're one of her best friends.

She is hilarious which is number 1 in my books. If you can make me laugh, you are a winner! She's also beautiful, confident and inspiring. I'm a massive fan of Louise's and I'm so proud of all she's accomplishing at the moment.

Caspar Lee
YouTube channel(s): Caspar | morecaspar

First time I ever saw Caspar was in one of Joe's videos back before they became roommates, and I loved him and subscribed to his channel right away. Now Joe and Caspar are best friends and roommates and it's the best thing ever!!

Caspar is the ultimate goofball, and you can't help but just love him or at least I can't help it. Caspar is another YouTuber who never fails to make me laugh. His videos are so funny, and he's another person who's sense of humour I love. I don't know how you couldn't love Caspar Lee!

SacconeJoly's; Jonathan, Anna, Emilia, and Eduardo.
YouTube channel(s): SacconeJolys | AnnaSaccone | JonathanJoly

I found the SacconeJoly's through Zoe's videos as always. She mentioned them in one of her favourites videos, and I've been subscribed ever since. They daily vlog their lives every day, and have been doing so for over 5 years now. I remember when I started watching, Eduardo had just been born and he's now a year and a half!

I honestly love this family! They are so genuine and sweet. Their daily vlogs make my day everyday. Jonathan and Anna are amazing parents and have amazing channels of their own. Their kids are the sweetest, and it's been amazing watching them grow up. The have six "doggy friends" that are all Maltese and are so cute! I could gush on and on! I love the SacconeJoly's!!

That's all for today! I think I'll do six YouTubers per post. Go check them all out, and subscribe if you like. Let me know in the comments below if you are a fan of any of these YouTubrs, or if you just discovered them, let me know your thoughts.


  1. Hey, Michelle! There's a Canadian vlogger I think you might enjoy (she's super sweet and bubbly and actually reminds me of you haha): Rachhloves. Let me know if you check her out :)

    1. Hey lovely!! I just checked out her channel and I loved it so I'm now subscribed. Thanks for referring me to her!! I love finding new YouTubers to watch! :)

    2. You're welcome! I had a feeling you'd like her :)


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