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Saturday, 9 January 2016

Started: Jan 2, 2016 | Finished: Jan 8, 2016

Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell
Published by St. Martin's Griffin on February 26, 2013
Genre: YA, contemporary 
Pages: 336
Book Edition: Hardcover, Collector's Edition
No. of times read: 1
Links: Goodreads

Two misfits.
One extraordinary love.

Eleanor... Red hair, wrong clothes. Standing behind him until he turns his head. Lying beside him until he wakes up. Making everyone else seem drabber and flatter and never good enough...Eleanor.

Park... He knows she'll love a song before he plays it for her. He laughs at her jokes before she ever gets to the punch line. There's a place on his chest, just below his throat, that makes her want to keep promises...Park.

Set over the course of one school year, this is the story of two star-crossed sixteen-year-olds—smart enough to know that first love almost never lasts, but brave and desperate enough to try.
Rating: 5/5

My Review:

Already starting this year off with a 5 star rating, but that's how much I loved this book! This is the second book I've read of Rainbow Rowell and I just want to read them all, she's fantastic!!

This book is about two people who couldn't be more different, but are perfect for each other. It's a slow romance, and it takes time for them which I really liked because I found it realistic. I really loved Eleanor as a character, and I was so saddened by her home life. It's sad and unfortunate to think that there's a lot of people in the world who go through a similar experience. My only wish for them is that they can find the strength to get help which I know is easier said than done.

I loved Eleanor because she was a very real girl who embodied the struggles girls go through, and it's sad and you feel for her and you just want to hug her and keep her safe. Which is how Park feels. Park was the sweetest character, not perfect but he truly loved Eleanor and sometimes didn't understand what that meant, but didn't care and loved her anyways. I also really loved Park's parents! I thought they were really great side characters.

I won't give anything way, but the ending was sad but it was also very realistic which I liked. I really adored this book. Like I said, Rainbow Rowell is fantastic! She has this way of writing books that suck you in and get you hooked, at least for me anyways so far.

What did you think of Eleanor & Park?

PS: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!! I don't know if my dad reads my blog, but in the off chance that he does, Happy Birthday to the best dad ever!! Thanks for everything! I love you!!


  1. Hello! I thought I would say hello and that I love your blog! It's so pretty. :)

    Funnily enough I just did a book review myself on the same book. Isn't it great? I loved every part of it. :)

    Keep up the great blogging! :)


    1. Thank you so much!! :) I just checked out your blog and loved it as well.

      It was so great!! Rainbow Rowell has a way of writing such amazing characters!

      Thanks again!!

  2. That book sounds amazing!! I have heared so much nice things about that book before. I can't wait to read them.


    1. It is such a good book!! I definitely recommend it :) Hope you like it!

  3. Great review! Your passion for this book is definitely infectious, I may have to check it out!

    Elesaurus | elesaurus.com

    1. Thank you!! Definitely check it out. Hope you enjoy it :)


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