My Cosmetic Surgery Experience

Friday, 15 April 2016

Two years ago today I made a hiatus post because I was going in for my final surgical procedure on my leg. Since then I've wanted to make this post but never got around to it until now. I had a birthmark and three moles removed in the span of two years. I just want to warn you now that some of the photos are a bit graphic on my leg. Sharing these photos is very nerve-wracking for me because I spent years trying to cover up and not let anyone see these things and now I'm sharing them for everyone to see.

Face Procedure: June 7, 2013

                                                    Then and Now.

Chest Procedure: June 7, 2013



Right Shoulder Procedure: June 7, 2013

                                                  Then and Now.

All three mole procedures were done on the same day so I thought I would group them together. For these, I didn't have to go into the hospital to get it done just my doctor's office. He numbs each area, and just cuts each off. For recovery, you just have to have them covered for two days and then wash each area with water and soap, and cover with steri-strips after for about 2 weeks.

Birthmark Procedures: 

1st Procedure: April 9, 2013
2nd Procedure: Oct 15, 2013
3rd Procedure: April 15, 2014

Left: Before any procedures                       Right: After 1st Procedure

Left: After 2nd Procedure                       Right: After final procedure, what it looks like today

**Warning: These next photos may be a bit graphic as they were taken during the recovery part**

For these procedures, they had to be done every 6 months to give the skin time to heal before going in again. This one, he had to numb the area and since it's a bigger area then the moles meant I had to about 6 or 7 needles to get the numbing stuff (I don't know what it's called) in. Once it was numb, he would cut away as much as he could each time and then put the stitches in. After that I was on the couch for about 3 weeks to a month each time for recovery. I had to keep my leg elevated and in one spot. I wasn't allowed to put any pressure on my foot the whole time. So after each procedure, it felt like I had to learn to walk again on my left foot. Imagine what it feels like when your foot falls asleep and then times that by 10,000!! But in the end it was completely worth it!

Why did I do this:

All my life I was very insecure about my body because of my birthmark and the moles. My birthmark was the worst, I refused to wear anything but pants even if it was scorching hot outside. So many people would tell me that I should get over it, and that no-one would care, but I cared. I didn't feel comfortable letting other people see it. I'm a firm believer that if you don't like something about yourself then you should do whatever you need to do to change it. Don't listen to what other people have to say. It's your body, you have to feel comfortable with it. 

For me getting all this done, and going through the pain of it all was completely worth it because it changed my life and made me feel comfortable in my own skin. For that, I can't thank my doctor enough. I went to Dr. Grace, he's located in Burlington, Ontario and if you live around that area and need something done, I highly recommend him. Here's his website. Yes, it can be pricey, depending on what you're getting done, but if it means that much to you then it's worth it.

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