OTP Spotlight: Nick and Jess

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Show: New Girl
Network: Fox
Actors: Jake Johnson and Zooey Deschanel

I loved Nick and Jess from the very first episode. I love that she's this sunny bright character and he's grumpy, set in his ways, and yet they are so perfect for each other. Their moments are so powerful and full of chemistry. It's clear from the start that these two were made to be together.

Since the show is still currently on-air, this is the OTP Spotlight for now. I will update it when they series is complete.

Season 1; The series starts with Jess finding out her boyfriend cheated on her and she's looking for a new place to live and responds to an ad to apartment with three guys living there, Schmidt, Coach (who's only in the first episode this season, Winston takes his place), and Nick. Jess gives Nick the courage to confront Caroline about why she broke up with him, and Nick leads the guys to cheer Jess up when she gets stood up. After that, Nick encourages Jess to get her stuff back from her ex-boyfriend to get closure. At a wedding Jess pretends to be Nick's girlfriend because Caroline will be there, and she gives Nick the push he needs to finally move on from Caroline.

When Cece stays over at the apartment, she convinces Jess that Nick likes her and that he's her dream guy. Even though she acts weird around Nick at first, Jess doesn't want to ruin their relationship so she keeps it to herself. At Thanksgiving, Jess invites Paul over and everyone likes him but Nick. Jess gets really upset about that because his opinion matters to her. By Christmas, Paul tells Jess that he loves her, and she doesn't say it back. She confides in Nick about it, and he accidentally tells Paul. After they break up, Nick cheers Jess up by missing his flight home so that he can take her to Candy Cane Lane, a street of houses that are all decorated for Christmas. 

Jess thinks that Nick always see the worst in people, while Nick thinks Jess is too naive with people sometimes. So when Jess tries to get the mean landlord to fix some things around their apartment, and he starts to hit on Jess without her knowing, Nick gets protective of Jess and stays to watch over her. The landlord mistakes this and thinks they are going to have a threesome, and since neither want to admit they're wrong they go along with it only until Nick goes to kiss Jess that she then admits she was wrong. When the gang plays football, Jess accidentally tackles Nick and he hurts his back. While getting checked out, they discover a growth in his neck, and they get it in their heads that Nick is dying. Jess asks him what he would he want to do that he hasn't done before he dies, and he talks about how he never does anything if he doesn't know what the outcome will be, like jumping in the ocean. So that's what he does, and freaks out because he's not okay. Jess goes to comfort him, and he drunkingly tells her how much he likes her. Nick is fine in the end.

Jess starts dating one of her student's dad, but when they break up it's because Jess "wants passion, even if it's harder and hurts more", right after that her and Nick have a very passionate fight which just further shows that Nick is the guy for her. After that Nick gets back to together with Caroline and plans to move in with her, and Jess is upset about it and wants to fight for him to stay in the loft. But after talking with Schmidt, she tells Nick that she just wants him to be happy even if it's with Caroline. Nick tells her that he thinks she needs him too much for him to leave, and she tells him she'll be fine because she met Nick. After that, Nick decides to not move in with Caroline and stays at the loft.

Season 2; First episode back, Jess gets fired from her job and she just wants everyone to treat her normally. Nick just wants to cheer her up so she doesn't cry and have a breakdown, but she insists she's fine. She takes a job for one of Schmidt's parties to be a shots girl, and she ends having a breakdown and Nick goes to find her and comfort her like he originally wanted to do. After Jess meets Sam, they agree to just have casual sex and no relationship. Jess isn't use to that, so Schmidt comes up with the idea that she'll go out with all three of the guys and they can help her, only Schmidt and Winston cancel so it's just Jess and Nick on a date. They end up having a really great time. Winston tells Nick that he's becoming Jess' boyfriends without the rewards. When he confronts her they fight about it, and she admits that she's thought about sleeping with him. After Jess realizes that Nick was right, and they admit they are just two friends who sometimes are attracted to each other.

During Halloween, Jess wants to get more serious with Sam. While Jess is working in the Haunted House and Nick is afraid of them, but when he finds out that Sam is texting other girls and it's clear to Nick that he's not going to be open to a relationship, he goes into the Haunted House to get to Jess before she tries to talk to Sam. While in there, he accidentally punches Jess in the face. Afterwards, while he's icing her face he tells her that she should be with someone who is crazy about her. When Jess is down after blowing an interview, Nick talks some sense into her and tells her he believes in her, so she goes back and ends up getting a job. When Sam tries to get Jess back, she's not sure what to think but Nick tells her that he thinks she's the kind of girl a guy would come back for. 

The guys go out for a guy's night and Nick tells Jess she can't come because she's his "cooler". Just as Nick is making a move on a girl, Jess calls Nick because she hears a strange noise and and he comes because she tells him that she needs him. Jess tries to make it up to Nick by playing True American in hopes to help Nick get with the girl from the bar, but it backfires when Nick and Jess have to kiss. Nick ends up not being able to do it because it's not how he imagined their first kiss to be. After admitting that to Jess, he freaks out and climbs out the window. After everyone goes to bed, Jess hears the strange noise agin and calls Nick, and it turns out it was just the neighbour's dog. While saying goodnight, Nick pulls Jess in and gives her the most amazing first kiss scene on TV ever. After the kiss, it's a little awkward and gets worse when Schmidt finds out. He tells Jess of the no-nail oath all the guys took when Jess moved in, and Nick later tells Jess that it was because of him, he didn't know if he could control his feelings and he also tells her that he doesn't regret kissing her. Just as they are about to kiss again, they are interrupted by Schmidt.

Jess can't stop thinking about Nick, and when they go to the hardware store together she accidentally gets hit in the head and has to go on pain medication. While on the medication, she admits to Nick that she wants to sleep with him. This leads to them kissing again and almost sleeping together until the accidentally break Schmidt's new fish tank, and lose the moment. When Nick's dad dies, Jess does everything she can to be there for him and making sure his dad gets the funeral he wanted. After Nick's mom tells him that she's happy that he has someone who takes care of him. Nick asks Jess out on a date without her really knowing it's a date until they are on the date. They keep going on and off with the date, during it they tell each other the things the other one does that turns them on. But when they run into Jess' ex boyfriend and he asks what they are, they can't figure it out themselves.

After everyone tells the stories of the time they all lost their virginities, Nick remembers a quote his dad told him before he lost his, about not thinking too much, and the best things in life happen when you don't think. So Nick decides to not think and just go for it with Jess, and they sleep together for the first time. Before they have a chance to really talk after, Jess' dad shows up and he doesn't approve of their relationship. While Nick's upset at first, he makes her the breakfast he was going to give her in the morning, up on the roof. It's very romantic until everyone interrupts again.

At Cece's wedding, Nick and Jess go together. During the ceremony, Nick tries to get Schmidt to stop trying to sabotage the wedding. Jess thinks that Nick is involved with the sabotaging, and they have an argument during which Nick asks her to admit that a small part of thinks that they're a mess and it might be a mistake for them to get together, and she admits to it. After Nick says they should call it since it's not like they were in love, and Jess asks him to uncall it because she doesn't want to give up on them. Since Nick was running after her to say the same thing, he happily agrees as they kiss and drive off to be together.

Season 3; First episode back, Nick and Jess worry about what it means that they just start dating and they already live together, so they end up going to Mexico to get away from the Schmidt and Winston while they figure it out. Nick being Nick is scared if they go back to the loft that it won't work out, but Jess convinces him that she's is all in and believes in their relationship so he does too, and they go home. After that the next few episodes just shows them being a couple, and expressing how much they like each other. When Nick's dad leaves him $8,000, Nick starts blowing it on stupid stuff while Jess tries to get him to open a bank account. Jess then finds Nick's box of unpaid bills and tries to pay them off without Nick knowing, but he finds out and they have their first fight as a couple. In the end, Nick does open a bank account because in his words, "he'd do anything" for Jess.

Coach comes back and immediately wants to go to the strip club with the guys. Jess feels uncomfortable about it, and Nick says they've never had the boyfriend/girlfriend talk, she gets mad and decides to make him jealous with another guy. When Nick finds out about the guy, he freaks out and tells the guys how amazing Jess is and that he can't lose her. When he gets home and finds the guy in her bed, he believes her when she says nothing happened and declares her his girlfriend. At Thanksgiving, Coach teases Nick for doing girly things so he decides to take the gang to the woods so they can be men. While there he admits to Jess what's been bothering him, and Jess supports him but ends up falling in his bear trap. At the hospital, Nick apologizes and she tells him that he's the man she wants.

On Jess' birthday, she usually just goes to the movie theater only so that she doesn't get disappointed with the gifts. But this year, Nick planned something for her but didn't realize that he had to do stuff with her before the party that was in the evening. Jess ends up getting really upset, and goes to the theater like she planned. Only Nick shows up and surprises her with a video on the big screen of all her friends and him wishing her a happy birthday. She's gets emotional and tells Nick that it's the nicest thing anyone has ever done for her.

Jess and Cece get invited to a Prince party, and before they leave, Nick tells Jess that he loves her for the first time, and she freaks out and gives him finger guns as the limo drives away. Nick goes to the party to try and unsay it, while Jess gets advice from Prince himself on why she didn't say it. After talking to Prince, she yells to Nick that she loves him. When Nick and Jess run into Caroline at the Farmer's Market, Jess tries to convince Nick to clear the air and get closure with her. It all backfires, Caroline is still upset because it's been two years and Nick still hasn't told her why he broke up with her. Nick then confesses to Caroline that while he never cheated on her, he did fall in love with Jess the moment she moved in. 

Jess' sister comes to visit and ends up moving in with Schmidt. After that Jess asks Nick if they should "move in" together, meaning share the same room. So they do and it doesn't go well and Jess ends up staying at a hotel to get alone time. When Nick finds out, he confronts her and they don't understand why it's so hard for them to share a room together. They realize they're just not ready to share a room, and they make it work someday until Schmidt interrupts and tells them he's moving back in to the loft and is taking Jess' old room which forces Nick and Jess to continue to share Nick's room.

After a night of True American, Jess and Nick are hungover and have to sober up to go to their friend's kid's birthday party. When they argue over what they think they're future will be it, it leads to them thinking that all they have in common is loving each other which leads to them breaking up. The day after their break up, Winston gets into the Police Academy so they try to pretend to still be together for one more day for him. They spend the whole day pretending to be okay around each other until they break down at Winston's honey roast that he threw for himself. They both tell each other how terrible they feel and how they're not okay. In the end, when Jess is crying while watching Dirty Dancing Nick calls her on the phone from his room and they talk about how hard this is, but shows that they are still there for each other.

Nick and Jess booked a cruise when they were a couple, but now that they're broken up they invite their friends to go with them. They then find out that they're signed up for $600 worth of couples activities and decide to go through with it so they get their money's worth because as they say they are the "best ex-couple". After they do some activities, they have a talk and get caught up in the moment and almost kiss. They try to stay separated after that, but their friends force them into a room to talk and after they talk, they admit that it's a little awkward but they're okay.

Season 4; First episode back, it's been four months since Nick and Jess broke up. They all agree to meet someone at the wedding they're going to. Jess tries to get with the best man, and while trying to compete with another girl for his attention, she ends up in the men's room alone. Nick finds her, and cheers her up by telling her that there's nothing wrong with her and if the guy isn't into her then there's something wrong with him.

When Jess is considering telling the guy she's dating that she's living with her ex, Nick suggests she tell him he's gay or dying so that she doesn't scare him off. She doesn't plan on doing that until she tells him and he seems freaked out by it, so she uses that he's gay as a excuse. So to help her sell it, Nick pretends he's gay for Jess to help "get her laid". It backfires when Nick brings a girl home. While Jess distracts her, Nick continues to pretend to be gay in front of Jess' date, and even goes as far as to kiss Schmidt. But they get caught anyways, and like Jess' date says, Nick would do anything for Jess.

Jess is conflicted about dating Ryan, the new teacher at her school, because she's the Vice Principal and it's against the rules. Nick encourages her to be with Ryan, and tells her he doesn't think she's afraid of breaking the rules, she's afraid to put herself out there again, just like he is. At Christmas, Jess gets insecure about meeting Ryan's family because he's rich and she feels like she won't belong. She ends up getting Nick and Winston first class tickets to Chicago, but when Nick calls Jess and hears she's upset and not going to London, he gets off his plane to encourage her to go to London anyways and just try, so she does.

The gang goes to Oregon for Jess' dad's wedding, and Jess gets really bummed when Ryan can't make it because he's moved to London for a teaching job. Nick tries to cheer her up by agreeing on behalf of everyone to go on the tour of Portland that she had planned for Ryan. Jess gets upset anyways, and Nick gets real with her that long distance is too hard and that she deserves to have someone who will be there for her. Jess tells Nick he's right, and that she's needs a guy who shows up. Nick and Jess help Coach get back together with his girlfriend, and during that Nick asks Coach to look into his future and think about who he says sitting next to him. Jess thought that was sweet, and asks Nick who he sees next to him, but instead of giving a serious answer he says Winston and Jess goes along with it.

As the group is helping Coach pack for his move to New York, the find Nick and Jess' sex mug, something they use to put out when they wanted to let the other one know they wanted to have sex. It's revealed that Jess left the mug out recently, and when they talk about it, Nick tells Jess that he's thought about it many times. They agree to throw it out, but each go to take it out of the trash after but Winston already took it out of the trash for his cat, but they each think the other took it out.

My hopes for the future:

Where it currently stands in Season 5, they are still friends but Sam is back and they are rehashing what happened in Season 2 when Jess and Nick first got together. My hope is that this all leads to them getting back together by the end of the season.

Are you a Nick and Jess fan? What's your favourite moment of theirs?

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