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Saturday, 9 April 2016

I wasn't planning on doing another rewatch so soon after finishing Friends, but I needed something to watch on Netflix and since I just love this show so much I started rewatching this. Once I started, I figured I might as well rewatch all 4 seasons even though Season 5 is still airing.

Started: March 23, 2016 | Finished: April 7, 2016

Jessica Day; The new girl. Jess is very quirky, sweet and always sees the best in people. She can be a bit naive at times, but she's very smart and is always looking out for the people she cares about. She has an on/off relationship with Nick. She's a teacher and eventually Vice Principal, but she just recently quit that job and is looking to teach at a private school.

Nick Miller; Grumpy old man can best describe Nick's personality at times. He's also loveable, funny, and down to earth. He went to Law School and did pass, but it wasn't for him and he prefers his job as a bartender. He now currently owns half of the bar with Schmidt.

Schmidt; Nick's college roommate. He's a neat freak who's very into his looks and starts off the show as the ladies man. But he falls deeply in love with Cece since the very beginning, they are now engaged. He has a job in marketing as well as owning half of the local bar with Nick.

Winston Bishop; Nick's childhood friend. Funny, charming, and caring is how I would best describe Winston. He cares so much for his friends, and most times is not appreciated (at least in my opinion). But his friends do care very much for him as well. He starts off the show as a pro basketball player, but is currently a cop for the LAPD.

Cece Parekh; The beauty. Cece is Jess's best friend from childhood who starts off the show as a model, but eventually starts bar-tending with Nick and is currently trying out for Newscaster jobs. She's currently engaged to Schmidt.

Coach; His real name is Ernie, but his friends call him Coach since he's a personal trainer. He was roommate's with Nick and Schmidt when Jess came along, but left after the pilot but comes back for Season 3 and 4. In that time, he gets a job at the school Jess use to teach at as a Gym/Health teacher. He eventually falls in love with a girl names May, and moves to New York to be with her.

This show never fails to make me laugh! It's so funny, and I love all the characters so much. Where it currently stands, it's not yet been renewed for Season 6 but I really hope that it does! Only time will tell.

Are you a fan of New Girl? Who's your favourite character?

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