The Boy Most Likely To - Book Review

Monday, 26 September 2016

Started: Sept 14, 2016 | Finished: Sept 25, 2016

The Boy Most Likely to by Huntley Fitzpatrick
Published by Penguin Group on Sept 6, 2016
Genre: YA, Contemporary
Pages: 448
Book Edition: Paperback
No. of times read: 1
Links: Goodreads

Tim Mason was The Boy Most Likely To find the liquor cabinet blindfolded, need a liver transplant, and drive his car into a house

Alice Garrett was The Girl Most Likely To . . . well, not date her little brother’s baggage-burdened best friend, for starters.

For Tim, it wouldn’t be smart to fall for Alice. For Alice, nothing could be scarier than falling for Tim. But Tim has never been known for making the smart choice, and Alice is starting to wonder if the “smart” choice is always the right one. When these two crash into each other, they crash hard.

Told in Tim’s and Alice’s distinctive, disarming, entirely compelling voices, this novel is for readers of The Spectacular Now, Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, and Paper Towns.
Rating: 5/5

My Review:

I loved this book so much! Getting to revisit characters from My Life Next Door and finding out more from two different characters perspective was awesome. In this one, we follow Alice (Jase's older sister) and Tim (Jase's best friend). I would say that you don't have to read My Life Next Door before reading this as it can be read as a stand-alone and not a sequel, but I would recommend reading it first just so you can familiarize yourself with the characters.

Tim was the alcoholic, druggie bad seed of the family who was starting to turn his life around a little in My Life Next Door, and in this one you see his journey continue as he's moved out of his family home and into the Garrett's apartment above the garage. We also follow Alice's perspective throughout the book. She's Jase's older sister, and in this book we get to see just how much she takes on as being the older, responsible sister who helps take care of the family while going to school and helping out at their family's store, and how it all kind of takes away from her living her own life. You see how she has these walls built up around her, to protect her and it was really great to see her slowly let her guard down and open up more.

There's a big thing that happens in this book, that I won't spoil, but I will say that I loved it and how it helped the characters grow, especially Tim but even Alice as well. Seeing how they handled the situation was really great and realistic. There's a twist in the ending, and while it was sad I think it ended up working out for the best, and so I was happy with it overall.

And of course it was really great to have the whole Garrett family back, as well as Samantha, and I just love this dynamic and these characters so much!! I'm praying that Huntley Fitzpatrick brings out more books with Garrett characters in them. I need to know how they all are in the future, and where they end up!

Really loved this one! I would say this one and My Life Next Door are neck and neck for my favourite Huntley Fitzpatrick book (I did like What I Thought Was True a lot, but it takes the backseat now unfortunately but only by a smidgen, I swear!). Huntley Fitzpatrick is just an amazing writer!! The way she brings characters to life is so phenomenal, and I can't wait to see what she comes out with next! (Please more Garrett's at some point though!!)

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