Work Outfit; Black Body with White Skirt

Friday, 21 October 2016

Working at Indigo has been a dream come true! Not only because I get to work around books, which is one of my favourite things in the world, and where I've always wanted to work, but I get to dress in normal clothes which is just a huge plus to having this job that I love so much. So I thought I'd share one of my outfits that I love to wear.


Top (body): H&M | Skirt: H&M (similar)
Necklace: Anna Saccone | Shoes: Journeys

The Fever Code - Book Review

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Started: Sept 28, 2016 | Finished: Oct 19, 2016

The Fever Code by James Dashner
Published by Delacorte Press on Sept 17, 2016
Genre: YA, Dystopia
Pages: 304
Book Edition: Ebook
No. of times read: 1
Links: Goodreads

Once there was a world’s end.

The forests burned, the lakes and rivers dried up, and the oceans swelled.

Then came a plague, and fever spread across the globe. Families died, violence reigned, and man killed man.

Next came WICKED, who were looking for an answer. And then they found the perfect boy.

The boy’s name was Thomas, and Thomas built a maze.

Now there are secrets.

There are lies.

And there are loyalties history could never have foreseen. 

This is the story of that boy, Thomas, and how he built a maze that only he could tear down.

All will be revealed.
Rating: 5/5

My Review:

The first proper book review I did on this blog was The Kill Order, so I've never actually done a blog post for each book in the series, only a brief post about it and my thoughts. I really love this series, it's one of my favourites so to say I was anticipating this book is an understatement.

This is what I describe to others as the missing chunk in the series. In The Maze Runner, it starts like the movie with Thomas waking up in the box on his way to the maze with no memory of his life before that point, and goes from there. The Kill Order is about when it all began, back when the The Flare first descends upon people, so the characters that we knew from the series aren't introduced yet, but end on around the time Thomas and the others are first recruited to WICKED. This book is the missing piece. It begins when Thomas and the others first joined WICKED up to when Thomas goes into the maze.

I really loved this book! I loved finally getting an in depth look at what it was like for them growing up in the maze, what lead Thomas and Teresa to building the maze, and finally Thomas' decision to enter the maze and how all of that happened. It was great to see that some of the relationships we know existed in the series, also existed back before the got their memories erased. I loved getting to read another story through Thomas' perspective as I've always been a fan of his. To get to see him grow up, and adapt to the world around him and become the person that he ends up being in the series so really great.

I recommend this series for anyone who would be interested in this genre. I'm so glad that I got introduced to it, even if it was just because I heard Dylan O'Brien got cast as the lead character. I ended up really loving it beyond that. I look forward to eventually reading this series again.

Zoella Beauty Product Review

Friday, 7 October 2016

As you may know, I'm a big fan of Zoe's (Zoella), and I've been buying her products from pretty much since she launched her beauty line in 2014, yet I've never done a review...until now! I thought it was time to share all the products I own so that when I can be update from here on out (especially since I just purchased her latest Christmas range about a week ago).

Let's get started!

Bath Products

Soak Opera

Soak Opera is from Zoe's original line which is a very fresh scent and still one of my favs to this day! The Soak Opera can be used as a bubble bath or shower gel which I have used both way. The quality of this product is amazing, leaves your skin feeling super soft. The packing is very classic and girly, I love it.

Foam Sweet Foam

Foam Sweet Foam is from the Tutti Fruity range which came out last summer (2015).  Every time I smell this scent I now think of summer because I used this range all last summer, and most of this summer as well. This one is just a shower gel, but still leaves your skin feeling so soft. The scent is as the title of the range proclaims fruity, but not overpowering. It still a fresh scent, but with hints of a fruity scent. On the back of the bottle it says there is extracts of acai and blueberry. The packaging is very fun and bright colours, perfect for summer.

Bath Latte

This bath & shower milk is from Zoe's Sweet Inspirations range that came out earlier this year. I was late on this range, and have only just purchased this not long ago so I haven't tested them out yet, but if it's anything like the last two than I know I will love it. The scent is sweet but not a sickly sweet. It says it's enriched with sweet almond, cacao and honey. I really like the scent! I can't wait to try this out soon!!

The Shower Lily
So I forgot to add the shower lily when I was taking pictures (I am mentally kicking myself). But I do have this as well. You can never go wrong with a good shower lily! I really love Zoe's, not only because it's super cute but it's also good quality and is nice on the skin when using it.

Fizz Bar
Again I don't have a picture of this one, but not because I forgot to take a picture this time, I haven't done my re-purchase order yet so half of my fizz bar is in my bathroom with the packaging all ripped open, not the best for a good picture. But I love the fizz bars, I've re-purchased this product many times!! Everything from the Original Range is all the same fresh scent which I love. It has 8 squares, 4 rows of 2 squares, and I tend to like to use 1 row per bath. It's just a perfect ingredient to add to your relaxing bath.

Fresh Fizz
This is the fizz bar from the Tutti Fruity range. You sadly can no longer re-purchase this item as the Tutti Fruity range is being phased out. I'm very sad for it, but as it's my understanding, it's all to make room for new products, I could be wrong about that but it would make sense if that was the case. This fizz bar is taller and more narrow than the Original Range. It has 1 row of 4 bigger squares instead of the smaller 8 squares. I think I have 1 bar left and I've been trying to save it, but I think it's almost time to finish it off. 

Le Fizz

The more I'm re-smelling all the things from the Sweet Inspirations range, the more I want to have a bath right now and try everything! I really love the smell. This is one has 6 rows of 3 squares each, so I'm excited about that! The packaging like always is super cute. I love the pink and gold combo with purple writing.

Soda Pop

How cute is this?! It's a bar of soap on a popsicle stick. It smells of the Original Range. The packaging is so cute that I almost don't want to open it! I also love that Zoe has personalized messages on the popsicle stick and you won't be able to find out the answer until you've used all of the soap..or if you already know the answer like I think I do (I'll have to get back to you all on if I'm right or not).

Scrubbing Me Softly

Who doesn't love a body scrub! This one is a sugar scrub, and it's a great exfoliant. My upper arms use to be really bad with those tiny bumps and it could get a bit dry, so I also love finding good exfoliants for that, and this is one of them. Afterwards my arms are so soft, I'll do that thing where you can't stop rubbing your arms! Plus the Tutti Fruity range smells extra good in this one. It's the same scent in all the products for the range, but for some reason I'm most obsessed with it for this product and another I'll mention below.

Sugar Dip

I'm obsessed with this packaging first and foremost! The pink, gold and mint green combo with purple writing is just perfect. Plus just look at the box, how cute is that. I didn't take a picture of the bag of bath salts, but even that package is cute (It has the same designs on it as the fizz bar). I cannot wait to try these out soon!

Body Products

Creamy Madly Dreamy

I do love my body lotions! This one is from the Original Range, and so of course I love the fresh scent. I also really love that Zoe's lotions sink in really nicely. I love the packaging with the lace and the pink and rose gold writing. 

Candy Cream

I love lotions or soaps with bursting beads in it, so when I found out that the lotion in the Tutti Fruity range would have bursting beads, I was so excited. This lotion did not disappoint, it's one of my favourites. 

Double Creme

This lotion smells more like chocolate than the bath products do, and I love it. It has more of the cacao scent whereas the bath products have more of the honey and almond scent. I love both scents so much, and I love that certain products bring out certain scents. 

Wonder Hand

I'm so glad that Zoe came out with a hand cream. It has the Original Range scent. The packaging is so adorable with the rose gold theme. I'm especially excited to have this on hand with winter coming as that's when my hands get dry the most.

Blissful Mistful

Because I live in Canada, I can't purchase the body mist as they are in glass bottles and I'm assuming it's because they can ensure that the bottles won't break in the shipping process from the UK to Canada. But I was able to purchase the solid fragrance from the Original Range, and I love it.

Kissy Missy

The Tutti Fruity range came out with a lip balm which I was excited for. It has a berry scent to it, and instead of just a clear lip balm, it has a hint of bright pink in it giving it a little something extra. 

Body Fondant

I've never owned a shimmer balm before, but I was very intrigued by it. I can't wait to try it out! The smell is so delicious, and a little buffer inside that is so cute and soft. I love everything about the packaging for this range (well all the ranges if I'm being honest!)


Another product that I've never owned before, but I'm excited to try out. It's a reed diffuser. The packaging is just so simple and cute. The smell is really nice and calming. I'll have to let you all know more about it once I use it.

Cosmetic Bags

This was the very first cometic bag that I bought as it was one of the very first she released. Out of all of them I'm about to share, this is still the one I carry my everyday makeup in. It's no longer available, at least not on feelunique's website. I just think it's so cute with the little guinea pig with glasses.

I love the pink and gold combo, always! So I loved this one instantly and had to have it. I also love the saying that Zoe has of "Just Say Yes". She uploaded a video back in 2013 about it, and has made it one of her mottos and I loved it so much, I also think about it whenever my anxiety wants me to say no. I did include that video in my Mental Health Awareness Week; Zoella raises awareness about anixety post from last year.

As always, I love anything that's rose gold and this little accessory is no exception. It's a compact mirror with a card holder on the other side. 

Back when I worked at Tim Hortons, I use to use this as my tips purse but now I don't get that anymore (one of the very few things I miss from that job). I love the navy blue with lacy collar of this cute coin purse. 

As soon as I saw this bag, I had to have it! I love large cosmetic bags. Plus this one is beautiful!! Can you guess why I love it..yeah because it's rose gold. I know, I'm obsessed. 

I really love that Zoe continues to come out with new bags, and changes the shape and size of them for time to time. Like with this one! I love the pink and white combo. Also really love the quote of "These are a few of my Favourite Things", and how she put a list of her favourite things on the back. Very cute!!

Another cute change purse, this one from the Sweet Inspirations range. I love the "Life is Sweet" quote on the front with the gold writing on the grey-blue material. Also really like the scalloped edges around the purse.

Like I said, I love when there's new designs to the ranges. This the large cosmetic bag for the Sweet Inspirations range. I love that you have the option to fold it over, or make it one really big bag. Also the material on the bag is one side plastic and the other cloth which I thought was cool.

This last one I got as a free gift with my large purchase. I do love it though. I love that it comes with fun stickers that you can stick on yourself.

And now that is everything that I own from Zoella Beauty thus far! But like I mentioned above, I did order from her Christmas 2016 range and it's on it's way, so look out for that as soon.
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