Sam & Ilsa's Last Hurrah - Book Review

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Started: March 23, 2018 | Finished: April 2, 2018

Sam & Ilsa's Last Hurrah by Rachel Cohn & David Levithan
Published by Knopf Books on April 10th, 2018
Genre: YA, Contemporary
Pages: 209
Book Edition: Paperback, A.R.C.
No. of times read: 1
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The New York Times Bestselling duo behind Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist and The Twelve Days of Dash & Lily return with twins out to throw the party of a lifetime--or at least the best party of high school!

Siblings Sam and Ilsa Kehlmann have spent most of their high school years throwing parties for their friends--and now they've prepared their final blowout, just before graduation.

The rules are simple: each twin gets to invite three guests, and the other twin doesn't know who's coming until the partiers show up at the door. With Sam and Ilsa, the sibling revelry is always tempered with a large dose of sibling rivalry, and tonight is no exception.

One night. One apartment. Eight people. What could possibly go wrong? Oh, we all know the answer is plenty. But plenty also goes right, as rather surprising ways.
Rating: 2/5

My Review:

This was definitely not my favourite book by these authors that's for sure. I've only read the Dash & Lily books by them, but I really loved those because I really liked the characters in it. This one however was not the case. I barely liked any of the characters especially the main two. I just found them both to be spoiled, whiny, and very childish. I found I couldn't be bothered to really care all that much on what happens with them. With Rachel Cohn and David Levithan books, I'm finding that they want to write their characters to be extremely quirky and unique, but I just found with this one that it was too much and completely overdone. Maybe there are people like this in the world, but I personally just found these characters to be unrealistic.

It was interesting enough that I finished it, but it was also very short so that could also be another reason why I finished it. It just left no lasting impression on me. When I was finished the book, I was so glad it was over. I feel bad for sounding harsh, but I also want to be honest. Usually when I finish a book, I like to write the review right away while it's fresh in my mind, but this one I couldn't be bothered. I'm only writing it now (I wrote this yesterday) because I want to make sure to post this on the day the book is released.

If you're interested in very unique characters, and a quick read then you'll have to judge this for yourself. I personally wouldn't recommend it, but it also doesn't stop me from wanting to read their other books. I would like to reiterate though that this is just my own personal opinion and experience with this book. Everyone is different in what they like and dislike, so please feel free to give this one a try if it sounds like something you'd be interested in reading.

Was I too harsh? What's your opinions on this book?

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