TV Shows/OTPs

This is a master list of all the TV Shows I've watched along with my OTP (one true pair aka my favourite couple) for each show. I will link all of my TV Talk and OTP Spotlight posts when they are posted.

Past Shows:

-Breaker High | Sean and Tamara
-Higher Ground | Scott and Shelby
-Girl Meets World | Farkle and Riley
-Angel the Series | Angel and Cordelia
-Dawson's Creek | Pacey and Joey
-The OC | Seth and Summer
-One Tree Hill | Nathan and Haley
-Veronica Mars | Logan and Veronica
-Lost | Charlie and Claire
-Glee | Puck and Quinn
-Heroes | Sylar and Elle
-Gilmore Girls | Luke and Lorelai / Jess and Rory
-That 70's Show | Eric and Donna
-Gossip Girl | Chuck and Blair
-The Secret Circle | Adam and Cassie
-Friday Night Lights | Matt and Julie
-Hart of Dixie | Wade and Zoe
-The Office | Jim and Pam
-How I Met Your Mother | Marshall and Lily / Barney and Robin
-Parks and Recreation | Ben and Leslie
-Community | Jeff and Britta
-The Mindy Project | Danny and Mindy
-Teen Wolf | Stiles and Lydia
-Once Upon a Time | Hook and Emma
-New Girl | Nick and Jess
-The Vampire Diaries / The Originals | Klaus and Caroline
-Modern Family | Andy and Haley
-Game of Thrones | Jon and Daenarys
-The Good Place | Chidi and Eleanor

Currently On-Air Shows:

-Brooklyn Nine-Nine | Jake and Amy
-Grey's Anatomy | Alex and Izzie 
-This Is Us | Jack and Rebecca

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